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Bun it Up for Summer, 4 Simple Buns that Beat the Heat

• Jun 2, 2015

While it would be nice to flaunt care free kinks and curls all summer, it’s not always ideal or comfortable. When it’s over 80 degrees and humid, it  may not be so appealing to have your hair in your face or on your neck. Who has time for that? Lucky for you, there are tons of cute bun tutorials to keep your hair from making you feel like you are wearing a winter hat. Here are four of those tutorials that you may want to check out!


High Top Knot


This bun was created by natural hair YouTuber, Mini Marley. She intended for it to be a winter protective style, but I think this will be excellent for extremely hot summer months. Starting with clean, stretched hair and spray water around the perimeter of your hair to loosen it up. The water also helps smooth the hair down while styling. Next, put your hair in a loose pony tail on the ends, then use an elastic headband to adjust the pony tail. Put gel on your edges and brush them with a boar bristle brush. Next, take your natural hair and roll and tuck it into a small bun. Finally, grab some Marley braiding hair and put an elastic band around the middle of the hair. Tie the hair around your bun and take one side of the hair at a time, and wrap it around your own. Secure the bun with bobby pins and you’re all set.



Even though naturals with TWA’s don’t have the issue of hair on their neck and in their face, they still may want to wear a bun for style sake! Traeh was able to get all of her TWA into a sleek bun by using gel and a brush. Start with freshly washed hair and begin to apply the gel by starting at the back of your head. As you are go up, keep putting your hair into a pony tail. After adding the gel, detangle so that your hair stays sleek. Next, part your hair and keep geling and brushing the hair down. Put a silk scarf on for 10 minutes. Finally, remove the scarf and add Marley hair to the pony tail on the back of your head. Also, if you want your bun to be even sleeker, sit under a hooded dryer after you apply your scarf. Trust me, your hair will not budge after doing this.

Two Way Low Bun



If you don’t mind a little hair on your neck, but still want it out of your face, then these simple low buns are up your alley. YouTuber, Tiajonah created the first bun by taking out a section of hair in the front of her head and flat twisting it. Next, gel and a homemade moisturizing spray were smoothed into her hair. After tying a pony tail holder around once, then half way, the hair was wrapped around the base of the bun. The second bun was created by following the same steps as above. The only difference is that she twisted the ends of her hair first before creating the bun. Twists create fewer tangles. Simple, yet cute.

Curl Bun


This bun is so easy, it barely needed a tutorial. However, after you see the finished result, you would think it was way more complicated. Naptural85 created this heatless curl bun by using curlformers. After removing the curl formers (don’t separate or fluff), dip your head forward and slide an elastic headband up the back of your head. Pull the headband to tighten and pin the extra material with bobby pins. Next, fold all of your curls back and secure the curls with bobby pins. That’s it

Do you prefer buns in the summer?

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6 years ago

Wished they had styles for medium hair and not super long hair

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