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Black Female Poet Partners with Dove for Free ‘Love Your Curls’ Children’s E‑Book

• Jun 6, 2015


Author, Taiye Selasi joined forces with Dove to back their “Love Your Curls” campaign with a children’s book. The book, available for free download is comprised of several poems aimed to motivate young girls to adopt positive outlook on their curly hair. Four in 10 girls with curly hair, consider their hair to be “beautiful.” Selasi hopes to change this startling statistic by starting with the new generation of curly girls.

Dove has been called to question for their authenticity behind their “Love Your Curls” campaign and the lack of inclusion of girls of color. With the addition of author, Selasi, it seems as if they’ve heard the complaints and are honing in on a solution.

Watch Taiye Selasi read excerpts of the book below. You can download it here.

What do you think of Dove’s “Love Your Curls” campaign? Are you loving their e‑book idea?

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