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6 Creative Protective Updos to Wear on Your Natural Hair This Summer

• Jun 12, 2015

If you are protective styling this summer and need some style inspiration, then check out these six creative updos!

1. and 2. The Faux Updo – 2 Ways


Naptural85’s creativity never ceases to amaze me.  In the following tutorial, she shows you how to create faux updo —  one with a large braid and one with three different braids.  The style is great for protecting the ends of your real hair. Be sure to use extension hair that matches your own color and texture.

Description: Two buns with added hair: one with three different braids for texture and another with one large braid for volume and sleekness.
Products used: Gel
Tools required: Boar bristle brush, ribbon tie or other hair tie, Kanekalon braiding hair, bobby pins, toothbrush

3. The Double Gibson


Igbocurls’ “volume check” was recently discussed in the post Could ‘Volume Checks’ Be the New ‘Length Checks’?.  If you want to protect all of your volume this summer, try this classy updo in her tutorial.  She is still relatively new to uploading on YouTube, so be on the lookout for more videos from her.

Description: Tucked and rolled updo.
Tools required: Rattail comb (for parting), bobby pins, clips or hair tie

4. Two-Strand Twist Updo

Millicent Swift

I personally crown Millicent Swift the queen of protective styles. She has several creative looks from A‑Z (literally) on her channel.  One of her styles is this gorgeous twisted updo entitled Ursula.  It is a great protective option, especially if you don’t want to do a full set of twists.

Description: Twisted pompadour and bun.
Products used: Eco Styler Olive Oil gel, water, Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea All Natural Curl Defining Creme
Tools required: Rattail comb (for parting), clips, boar bristle brush, bobby pins

5. Lauryn Hill Inspired Mini Twists

Maria Antoinette

Is it just me or is Maria Antoinette truly embodying the Lauryn Hill vibe (and look) in this tutorial? Either way, this protective style is a great option for ladies who want to rock twists but don’t quite have the thickness.  It also works for most lengths, short through long.

Description: Pinned mini twists.
Products used: Water, whipped shea butter, gel
Tools required: Wide-tooth comb, clips, bobby pins

6. Elegant Rolled Updo

Millicent Swift2

And finally, here is one more protective style (entitled Natalie) by Millicent Swift. This elegant updo is super simple to achieve and can be worn almost anywhere.  Wear it as is to the grocery or park.  Alternatively, add a flower to dress the style up for a wedding or other special occasion.

Description: Rolled, overlapped, and pinned updo.
Tools required: Rattail comb (for parting), bobby pins, clips

What summer protective styles will you wear?

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6 years ago

3 and 5 look like my cup of tea! Love the volume thing, cuz ever since my hair hit shoulder length while curly, it just gets more volume, no length, and it’s been like 2 years lmao. I’m almost waist length, but you can’t tell at all.

Naturally Michy (Millicent)

Hey Chinwe! I’m sorry that I’m a little late seeing this post, but I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you using the hairstyles that I recreate as examples in your blogs. Your words are always encouraging and I’m flattered that you’ve decided to use little ol’ me more than once in several of your blog postings 🙂 Thank you so much and God Bless!

Christina J
6 years ago

I love two strand twisted styles with buns. There are my go-to styles during the week

6 years ago

I will definitely try #4 and #6 in the near future. I love that they’re very work appropriate, and they look easy to sleep in. I’ve tried and failed to wear #5 to a wedding, but I’ll probably try it again one day because it looks so elegant with chandelier earrings and a dress with a sweetheart neckline.

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