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5 Simple Beach-Ready Styles to Avoid Tangles on Natural Hair

No matter how nice it is to not worry about ruining a fresh perm at the beach, there are still downfalls to letting your fro fly free in the salty air. For instance, salt water + loose hair + wind = a nasty detangling session the next day. Nothing worse than ruining your precious beach memories because all you remember is detangling for two hours the next day. So I looked up some cute styles that I can rock on my next beach trip that should keep me pretty much tangle free. Check out these five cute styles that you can wear to the beach and not be bothered with tangles.


The “Rihanna” a la “We Found Love”

This is one of my favorite year-round styles, but I think it would work especially well at the beach, especially if you’re into the high waisted bikini styles. It’s also a good way to prolong a frizzy twist or braid out.


Two Braids

Honestly, it’s simple but it’s one of my favorite styles – too bad I can’t french braid my own hair. Bonus with this style is that you can leave the braids in for a couple of days and have a fierce braid out for later. Just be sure to shake the sand out.

messy bun_bglh_natural_hair

Messy Bun

Will all of the humidity during summer, nothing says “easy breezy” like a messy bun. No additional commentary needed. Fast forward to 3:50 to see the specific bun tutorial, although all the styles in the video are cute!

fishtail braid_bglh_natural_hair

Fishtail Braids

Might as well look like a mermaid if you’re at the beach. Fishtail braids are much easier than they look and a cute twist on a regular braid. For extra protection, pin your braid end up and make it a bun.


Rock a Headwrap

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to find a style you like, headwraps are cute and also provide ultimate protection for your hair from UV rays in addition to the wind. There are plenty of colorful scarves available online and you can most likely find scarves that are large enough at Target. Headwraps can be worn several different ways, this is just one example.

What are your favorite styles to wear to the beach?



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