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5 Cute Curly Summer Styles for Natural Hair

Summer is officially in full swing, and we have so many great styles options on BGLH, from tapered afros, to updos, and more.  Now it is time for another summer look — curls, curls, curls!

1. Textured Updo


This updo will work beautifully for a summer wedding or other formal event.  It can also be worn to the office, grocery store, or summer picnic.  You will need a fresh, defined twist out to start.

Description:  Fresh twist out pinned into a curly updo
Products used: Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum
Tools required: Bobby pins, clips

2. Flat Twists and Curls Updo


Here is another fun, curly updo that can be worn to a summer party, concert or picnic. For this look, you will need perm rods to create defined, shiny curls. The style is best achieved on a tapered cut.

Description:  Flat twists on the sides and back with curls in the front
Products used: Leave-in, water, oil
Tools required: Rattail comb (for parting), clips, bobby pins, perm rods

3. Summer Waves Hairstyle


These waves are very easy and quick to create using a triple barrel waver on a low heating setting (350 degrees Fahrenheit).  If you want to avoid heat usage, you can use loose braids on stretched hair to create a similar effect.

Description: Heat-styled waves
Tools required: Wide-tooth comb, triple barrel waver

4. Defined 3-Strand Twist Out (works on 4B/4C hair)


If regular two-strand twist outs don’t quite give you the definition you want, then this three-strand twist out may work for you.  For bigger curls and a faster process, you can do bigger twists than shown in the tutorial.

Description: Curly, defined 3-strand twist out on 4B/4C hair
Products used: Moisturizer, oil (for shine), setting lotion or gel
Tools required: Wide-tooth comb, clips

5. Flexi Rod Set and Twist


This is another cute look for my naturals with shorter tresses.  If you want to play up your TWA or try something other than your usual puff, then check out this tutorial!

Description: Curly, defined frohawk
Products used: Cantu Shea Butter, water, Coconut oil, Eco Styler Gel
Tools required: Wide-tooth combflexi rods, paddle brush, clip


What curly styles are you wearing this summer?

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Great post! Thanks for including the specific products used. I have no trouble creating styles, but with the wrong products my hair is frizzy once I take it out or gets frizzy within a couple of hours in Summer humidity.


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Ms. Vee
Ms. Vee
7 years ago

That flat twist curly updo! Gorgeous!

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