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Jade from Canada // 3C/4A Natural Hair

• May 9, 2015


What is your name and where are you from?
J: My name is Jade Janelle. I was born in Jamaica, but currently live in Mississauga, Canada (just outside of Toronto)

Did you transition or big chop? Share your natural hair journey with us! 
J: I did the big chop just about 7 years ago. I resorted to cutting all my hair off after perming my hair for about 3 years. I had a lot of damage from using perms even though it was done professionally — mainly because I applied heat to my hair almost everyday. One day after class I came home and was watching some natural hair videos; I remember coming across MahoganyCurls on YouTube and I immediately burst into. I decided that if she could have the courage to cut all her hair off, I could too! After all I was frustrated with spending money to continue to damage my hair, and I finally I decided enough was enough. So for the next 20 minutes I sat in my washroom cutting my hair off. No one in my immediate circle had a clue! I thought this was something truly personal so I did it without any outside opinions. For the first 2 years I had mixed emotions about being natural. I often got frustrated but I’d always look in the mirror and remind myself it is just hair and it will grow back.

How would you describe your texture?
J: My texture is predominantly 3c and 4a in my crown. My hair is fine but dense.

Describe your styling regimen over the course of the month, and the rationale behind your various styling decisions. 
J: I use the Wash N Go method (I also finger coil my hair) as part of this process. Then for the majority of the month I wear my hair in a puff. I use Eco Styler Gel, Olive Oil Edge Control, a boar bristle brush and large Goodie headbands to achieve my curly puff. Oh! And I can’t forget a good old-fashioned toothbrush for my baby hairs!


What does wash day look like for you?
J: I use the Wash N Go method with my own personal touches, I finger coil as opposed to shingling. As far as wash day and products, I use:

As I Am Coconut CoWash

Aussie Moist 3 Minute Deeeep Conditioner

Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Leave-in

Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-in

100% Aloe Vera Gel

ECO Styler Gel

Gorilla Snot Gel

Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel

Bees Wax

Describe your favorite go-to hairstyle for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
J: If I am running late I will often just wear my curly afro as it after letting it down from the “Pineapple”. I just spray a little water to hair the curls fall back down into place.

How do you combat shrinkage?
J: On wash day I not only wash and diffuse, but I also use the tension method to stretch my hair.

Tell us about your hair color!
J: I always color my hair myself and I have a new hair color roughly every 6 months. My hair has been copper, bright red, burgundy, bright purple, raspberry pink, green and currently, my hair is aqua blue with purple pieces (or “low lights”). I use Kaleidocolors bleach or Effasol Color Remover and 20 developer to lighten my hair before applying any of the more vibrant colors. My favorite hair color brands include: Manic Panic, Adore Brand and Color Intensity by JOICO. These colors are all semi-permanent and do require some regular up keep. I don’t feel like it has changed my curl pattern drastically. The only truly noticeable difference is the curls closest to the front of my hair (my bangs). They are much looser in texture than the rest of my head; however to be fair, the hair in the front was always looser than the rest..

What are some of your problem areas (if any) that require extra care and attention?
J: There is a small section in the crown of my head that is 4a in texture and because of this I make sure to take my time and style this section properly to avoid frizz. I make sure to always keep this area hydrated, as it tends to feel a lot drier than the rest of my hair.

What are 2 do’s for your texture?
J: Moisture and hair gel!

What are 2 don’ts for your texture?
J: Sleeping on wet hair and forgetting to deep condition! Deep Conditioning is very important, I deep condition at least once a week.

Is there a blog/webpage or social media account where Follow me on:
J: Instagram: @JadeJanelle

Twitter: @JadeJanelle


Facebook Page: SistaGerlsWithCurls

About Christina Patrice

Born, raised, and living in Los Angeles, Christina is BGLH's resident transitioning expert and product junkie. In addition to loving all things hair, she is a fitness novice and advocate of wearing sandals year-round. For more information on transitioning, natural hair, and her own hair journey, visit Or, if you like pictures follow Christina on Instagram @maneobjective.

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7 years ago

She’s very gorgeous.…and great hair.

7 years ago

SIMPLY GORGEOUS! Love the simple routine!

Mala Malum
Mala Malum
7 years ago

I love the hair color!

6 years ago

I enjoyed this article. I think we share the same hair type 3c/4a and we use just about the same products. Staples : AS I AM Coconut Cowash. Assuie 3minute deep conditioner, Ecostyler Gel. Yes…loved it. Happy Hair journeying!

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