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How I Used Green Smoothies To Jumpstart My Natural Hair Growth

• May 26, 2015

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I’m a big fan of delicious green smoothies. When my friend suggested them during my final year at grad school as a way to up my energy I had no idea that the benefits would go way beyond that. Green drinks are one of the reasons for my increasingly glowy skin and the continuous growth of my hair. And judging from all my research, countless women agree that adding a nutritious boost to their diets has a strong correlation to less shedding, better quality new growth and more consistent hair growth in general.

A wide range of vitamins and minerals are recommended to encourage and maintain hair growth, the main ones being b vitamins, zinc and vitamin c. Because green smoothies contain green, leafy vegetables that are used in their raw state, you can be sure that much of the vitamins available in kale, spinach and chard will hit your body.

Because kale, spinach and chard are hard to get down for most of us, I like to combine a sweet fruits to my green smoothies to help with the flavor and add even more vitamins. Below is one of my favorite green smoothies for healthier hair and jumpstarting hair growth.

Healthy Hair Growth Smoothie
1 apple
2 bananas
1 bundle/bag of spinach
1/2 lemon

apple slicer

1. Add an ounce of water then add the spinach to the blender. Liquefy the mix. Use a spoon to get all the spinach down.

2. Slice apple and put in blender

3. Add banana.

4. Add lemon juice.

5. Add honey to taste and blend until smooth.

Note: You can switch out the honey for maple syrup. Either one tastes really nice.

6. Chill and serve.



Are you an avid smoothie drinker? What benefits have you noticed? Share your smoothie recipes below.

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Just another naturalista playing by my own rules! Got hair that doesn't seem to grow past your shoulders? Check out my free Grow Your Hair Faster Video Course

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6 years ago

I drink a green smoothie daily and love the effects. My skin has never been smoother and I do not get sick. The benefits are amazing. It takes about 3 weeks to see the results.

6 years ago

I’ve actually started drinking smoothies every day since I got my blender about three weeks ago, and this week I added spinach, I forgot it would be useful for my hair and skin, I was just drinking it for energy and good health, longer hair and better skin is definitely a nice bonus! 🙂

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