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8 Natural UK Vloggers to Follow on YouTube

• May 5, 2015

For the last several weeks, we have featured Caribbean, Nigerian, Ghanaian, and Afro-latina naturals on YouTube. We are switching things up this week and focusing on geography. This next round of features consists of vloggers who are based in the United Kingdom.

1. Curly Proverbz

Curly Proverbz

Farida of Curly Proverbz is a natural based in the UK. Her channel features DIY hair product mixes and a few vlogs about her family. She recently started a YouTube series called “That Curl Next Door,” which features even more naturals based in the UK.

2. Kara (of NaturalCurliesTV)


You may recognize Kara of NaturalCurliesTV from the BGLH post titled “I’m a Type 4 Natural and I Haven’t Combed My Hair in 2 Years”. If you didn’t know already, she is also based in the UK. Her channel includes numerous hair care tips and styles for naturals.

3. Wunmi (of Woman in the Jungle)

Woman in the Jungle - Wunmi

Wumni, of Woman in the Jungle, is another natural based in the UK. If you are 4B or 4C, definitely check her out. She also does makeup tutorials!

4. Cookie’s Real Hair Care

Cookie’s Real Hair Care

Cookie is a natural based in both London and Lagos. Her channel includes tutorials and many product reviews as a natural in the UK.

5. Frogirlginny


Relatively new to vlogging, Frogirlginny is just beginning to make a name for herself.  She is a London natural that you will want to keep an eye on in the next couple of years.

6. UKAfrolista


UKAfrolista, keeps UK naturals in the know about hair events and products.  You should definitely check her out if you want to stay up to date on what’s happening and where to purchase items in your area.  She also has a few videos on non-hair-related topics.

7. Bola Cooper

Bola Cooper

If Bola Cooper looks familiar, it is probably because we’ve mentioned her in the “4 Ways to Use African Threading to Promote Length Retention”. For you fine-haired naturals, she is definitely one to follow.

8. FusionofCultures


And of course, the list would not be complete without Laila of FusionofCultures.  She has been on YouTube for many years, from her long-term transition all the way through her current natural journey.

Do you know of any other vloggers based in the UK?  Let us know below!

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7 years ago

You forgot Asha from NaturallyHigh

7 years ago

YES #3.…whoop whoop

7 years ago

WITJ is NOT 4B/C. We 4b/c girls are becoming a real minority as representations of being natural in this ‘movement’ i.e curl obsession movement. While in reality there are tons of 4b/c all over the globe. There are loads in the UK and the majority of black naturals that I see in the UK have type 4 hair. JoStylin is another 4b/c that could be shown in this article.


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