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5 Gorgeous Styles That Require Adding Just One or Two Pieces of Hair

• May 4, 2015

Do you feel like going big, bold and voluminous with your hair. Well try these very simple but gorgeous styles that require just adding one or two pieces of Kanekalon hair. Check it out…

1. Boho Chic French Braids


Bianca Alexa shows us how to add hair to exaggerate length on french braids, giving them a boho chic look.

2. Regal Bun


We love how Jasmine Winters creates a regal bun on a blown out puff.

3. Extravagant Updo


Toni of MyNaturalSistas shows us how to pull of a gorgeous exaggerated updo.

4. Twist n’ Bun


This style looks far more complicated than it is. A little bit of twisting and you have a gorgeous style that looks deceptively elaborate.

5. The Ninja Bun


BeesoHoney’s Ninja bun is simple and dramatic.

Ladies, do you ever add hair to enhance your look? Do you have any tutorials to add to our list?

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Erika Jackson
Erika Jackson
7 years ago

Can’t wait try #4

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