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10 Photos of Stunning Black Women Across Social Media

• May 14, 2015

I am of the belief that black women are beautiful, no matter the complexion or hair type.  Here are just ten (of millions of) photos representing our natural beauty!

1. Abenaa (Pinterest)

Abenaa Acheampong

Abenaa Acheampong

Abenaa Acheampong’s face is popular on Pinterest.

2. Taycred (Tumblr)


Image source:

Her face has been all over Tumblr and Pinterest.  She goes by Taycred on social media.

3. Bianca Richardson

Bianca Richardson

Photo credit: Yassine El Mansouri

If you recognize Bianca, it is because she was on Cycle 13 of America’s Next Top Model.

4. The Quann Sisters (Instagram)

The Quann Sisters

Image source: @urbanbushbabes

Many of already know about Cipriana (of Urbanbushbabes) and her twin TK Wonder.

5. The Lejonhjärta Sisters (Instagram)

Lejonhjärta Twins

Image source: Instagram

Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta are another set of twins.  They also rock locs!

6. Delcia and Alia (Tumblr)


Image source: coeur de papier

These twins are gorgeous!  After much digging through the web, I found out they have a page on Instagram: @djandaj.

7. Suzane and Suzana Massena (Tumblr)

Suzane and Suzana Massena

Image source: Devoutfashion

Have you had enough of twin sets, yet?  Here are Suzane and Suzana.

8. Loccrush (Instagram)


Image source: @Loccrush

Loccrush doesn’t just have stunning locs!

9. Maura Sebastiao (Tumblr)

I first came across this photo of Maura on Pinterest.  Her skin, features, and shaved head caught my eyes.

10. Naturals Galore (Tumblr)

Tumblr Naturals

Image source: Tumblr

I don’t know who these ladies are, but this photo really captures a variety of beauty.

Have you seen any other stunning photos of black women around the web? Feel free to share more photos below!

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7 years ago

Those ladies are beautiful!

7 years ago

Delcia and Alia.…proves my theory that perms steal some of Black women’s beauty.…they would look so different with a perm.…no shade (I think) to women who sport perms.

Carolina Sander
Carolina Sander
6 years ago

Oh I love the way that beautiful body are into the move. Try this fake boobs from Fake a baby. You are just a simple gorgeous then!

5 years ago

Black woman are stunning… for me, the definition of true beauty!
To the above… Taycred and the Massena Twins a are my favorites… unbelievably gorgeous!!

6 years ago

Delcia and Alia look like babydolls.

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