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5 Products to Kick Off Your Spring Regimen

• Apr 9, 2015

Ahhh, spring. The temperatures are warming up, dew points are rising and your natural hair is being freed from the harsh winter air and cold. Since spring is a milder season, I like to take this opportunity to use products that might not work as well for me in winter or summer — products with glycerin, lighter moisturizers and stylers and less heavy oils and pomades. And since the winter wind isn’t whipping into my hair like swirling daggers, I can pull back a bit on adding products to my multi-day hair for protection. So without further ado, here are five of my products for spring regimens.

Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion


This is a wonderful leave-in product, but with glycerin as the fourth ingredient, I get a bit scared to use this in the lower dew points during winter. It’s moisturizing but not overly so, and mixes well with a lot of stylers. Plus, if you like sweeter smells, it smells like cotton candy (sort of like Pink Sugar perfume). You only need a little bit to get the moisture you need as well, so the bottle should last awhile. Bonus- it can also be used as a detangling rinse out; the slip is amazing!

Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel


A longtime favorite of mine, Aloe Vera gel holds a special place in my heart, but sometimes doesn’t have the hold I need for multi-day hair in higher summer dew points. Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel is lighter, so it’s also good for finer hair, but also works great for reducing frizz and clumping my curls on my coarser mane. And at around $4 for 12oz, you really don’t have much to lose, especially because it can also be used on your face and body. It’s also available at several places locally, including Walmart, Harris Teeter, and Walgreens. Viva la aloe vera!

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow, and Restore Leave-In Conditioner


If you can remember the long name (haha), put this one on your list. I was having a love affair with this product during fall and early winter, but I gently tucked it away as the temperature and dew points dropped. But now that the temperatures are rising, I’m breaking it (and the Styling Lotion) back out for my wash and go regimen. Here’s my recent review on both products -

Wet Line Xtreme Professional Styling Gel


If you need a hold a bit stronger than aloe vera gel, check out Xtreme. I tend to gravitate towards this a bit more than Eco Styler Krystal because it doesn’t have the wheat protein (which can dry out my hair over time) and also has the added benefit of aloe vera extract and panthenol. In fact, it’s sitting in my hair as I write this article. This is another one you can find on the ground at Sally Beauty Supply, CVS/Walgreens, Walmart and Target, so no ordering is required. But, if you super love it, you can buy a 77.6oz size from Amazon. Although, it’ll probably take you five years to use up, haha.

Deep Steep Dry Oil Body Spritzer

deep steep

I actually purchased this product during winter to keep in my purse as a midday protector (yes, it was that real), but it’s certainly light enough to use to fluff out your multi-day hair or scrunch out the crunch. I know you’re thinking, “Elle, this is a body oil…” but the base is coconut oil and it contains all kinds of goodie oils for hair. Plus, it’s a dry oil, so it won’t leave your mane looking greasy and coated. I got mine from Whole Foods, but it’s also available online. Oh, and it doubles as a hair perfume. When I use this on my hair (I have the Passion Fruit Guava version), everyone tells me that I smell like candy. For me, that’s a good thing.

Full Disclosure: I personally use all of these products and they were all purchased with my own money. I was not asked to feature them by any company.

So there you have it — five products for you to try out this spring. My hair is medium/coarse, color treated, and low/normal porosity, for reference. Happy hunting!

What are your favorite products to use during spring?


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7 years ago

That Shea Moisture leave in is everything for my hair. I used to use a lot of heavier products, which worked for me when my hair was shorter, but now it’s like my hair changed and less is more. I’m also experimenting with homemade flax seed gel, since store bought gel was never my friend. I also ditched the shampoo and am going to see how strictly co-washing works for me (I’ve done it for my last 2 washings and very satisfied). I’ll be using my homemade whipped shea butter mix sparingly (mainly on my ends), and using a coconut-heavy… Read more »

Adeola |

Thanks for the list. I figured it wasn’t sponsored. just based on 2 of the recommended products alone. Funny I wrote a similar post on my blog. youre welcome to check it out‑natural-hair-deep-conditioners-to-try-this-spring/

7 years ago

Interesting what you said about the Ecostyler and dryness over time. I’m felt like after months of nonstop use the Eco was causing my hair not to thrive as much as my hair is somewhat sensitive to protein.. I took a break from it and came back and it worked like brand new. I’m going to be in my rotation with breaks from my Eco.

Mirela Kasimovic
7 years ago

What You Say About This Post Is Correct. But I have A Question For You Is this Product is a One Time Usage Or else We Have to use on Regular Basis?

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