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4 Oils and Butters That Are Essential to My Waist Length 4B Hair Regimen

• Apr 14, 2015

We’re back with another compilation piece! Last week four BGLH writers shared how they went from TWA to back length. Now we’re talking about oils and butters! Over the next two weeks our writers will share how they incorporate oils and butters into their regimen. Be sure to read our first post from Geniece and second post from Chinwe. Next up is Tori.


At the beginning of my hair journey, I tried my hardest to only use products that contained all natural ingredients. I wanted everything that touched my hair to be as natural as possible. However, when the reality of the cost of an all-natural hair regimen set in, I knew I had to be more realistic for my budget. So, to cut down on cost, I began incorporating other products that were not so natural, but still provided me with good results. However, in the process of adjusting my regimen, there were some ingredients that I knew I could not skimp on. These were the must have natural ingredients that I kept in my regimen:

Shea Butter

My type 4 hair loves thick butters and cream. So I found that shea butter was one of the most beneficial butters for my hair. Shea butter is usually found in a lot of the natural hair products that work best for my hair. I also make my own whipped shea butter mixture with natural oils added.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is light yet refreshing for my hair. Its moisturizing properties and ability to penetrate the hair shaft is what I love most about it. I apply it to my hair by itself as a sealant or I add it to my different hair mixtures. I also use this oil on my skin as a make up remover.


Castor Oil

Castor oil is thick and the smell may not always be pleasant, but my hair loves it. I use it for hot oil treatments or I add it to my deep conditioner mixtures or shea butter mixture.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are great for promoting healthy scalp and hair growth. I often add these to my deep conditioner mixtures, my whipped shea butter, or any other homemade mixture/concoction. Some of my favorite essential oils are Rosemary, Lavender, Tea tree, and Ylang Ylang.


Ladies, how do you use oils and butters in your regimen?

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Tori, you and your hair are and will always be amazing


My hair LOVE shea butter as well .. I use it as my daily sealant as I moisturI’ve morning & night. Tea Tree oils is my natural remedy for eczema flares & irritation in the scalp. Peppermint oil helps promote stimulation .. Castor, olive, grapeseed oils are in my hot oil treatments … my hair loves it all lol


Chica bonita.

Tiffany Forevapimd Duckworth
Tiffany Forevapimd Duckworth

I don’t know what kind hair I have I need help


How do you determine Wether your hair is 4b 4c etc? I don’t get it


You can Google black hair types or go to CurlyMart and it will break down how to figure out you curl type

I can’t get my hair to retain length past bra strap. I’d really like to get to waist length or hip length but I’m starting to think it will never happen because I’ve been bra strap length for seven months now. No progress. I’m not going to cry the blues too much because I know there are naturals who haven’t gotten past neck length and arm pit length. My hair hasn’t gotten shorter, either but I’d like to see the needle move. I have fragile, medium-density 4a low porosity, protein-sensitive hair. My ends break off when I handle my hair… Read more »

Maybe you could try manipulating it even less and do protective styles for a while and see if that helps.


My gosh, You and your hair, your radiant! Thanks for the share

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