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3 Ways to Quickly Add Moisture to Your Super Dry Hair

Sometimes you wake up in the morning, perhaps after passing out the night before without having time to re-moisturize and twist, and your hair is DRY. Like can’t rock a fro, can’t move the strands to make it into puff, can’t even smush everything together to fit under a hat dry. Your first instinct is to grab a spray bottle and douse your hair with water, sacrificing whatever length and definition you have, but if your hair is anything like mine, five minutes later your hair has soaked up all the water and is STILL DRY. Before grabbing the scissors or calling off work, here are three ways to quickly add moisture to super dry hair.

Baggy The Night Before

Bonafide Style Shows Us How To Baggy
Bonafide Style Shows Us How To Baggy

This requires you to take an extra 10 seconds the previous night, when you know your hair is dry but you can’t justify or find the time to re-moisturize it. Go ahead and grab a regular plastic shower cap – your fancy silk lined one won’t cut it – and slide it on over your head and wrap it tightly with a scarf. The baggy method, more fancifully known as the greenhouse effect, traps moisture from your scalp inside the cap, making you wake up the next morning with magically softer hair. Your results will depend on how sweaty you get at night (the more the better), and the humidity in the air around you. Now that it’s spring or rainy season for some folks, crack a window open while you sleep to take advantage of all that fro-shrinking humidity from the outdoors.

Hit it With Some Steam


If spraying your hair directly with water doesn’t work for you, you can also try to infuse it with steam. I’ve never found steam from the shower sufficient for my hair’s needs, so I use a portable steamer, the QRedew, at times when I need to moisturize my hair and products aren’t working. For just 15 minutes, you can move the steamer around to hit all your hair strands, or you can sit underneath a hooded steamer if you have one.

Use Aloe Vera Based Products

Camille Rose Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel

As I mentioned earlier, water doesn’t always do the trick when my hair is ridiculously dry, so I feel silly using a water based moisturizing product on crazy dry hair. For me at least, it seems to just sit on the hair, but doesn’t help stretch it out or really seep inside. However, aloe vera, God’s natural gift for sunburn and ultra dry skin, contains moisturizing agents, so I have found that products with aloe vera as the first ingredient, when applied on my dry hair, penetrate the strands and make them soft and pliable. My favorite is the Camille Rose Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel, because I can slap it on, twist my hair up, and then have a bomb look for the next day!

Now if you want to just take your hair from 0 to 100 on the moisture scale, combine all three steps! Steam your hair, cover with a baggy, and some hours later apply an aloe vera based product and you will have hair so drenched with moisture, you won’t be able to keep your hands out of it!

How do you quickly add moisture to your super dry hair?

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