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3 Easy DIY Natural Hair Accessories

• Apr 14, 2015

Hair accessories that compliment natural hair are pretty hard to come by these days. Lets face it, hair accessories aren’t made with large afros in mind, so it’s not too surprising that there isn’t much that will fit around or stay on our beautiful springy manes. Also, hair accessories can be a bit pricey and that’s usually what keeps me from purchasing anything other than a no frills headband.

After doing some digging, I found a few tutorials on how to spice up your hair and keep a few coins in your wallet. Take a look at a few DIY hair accessory tutorials that are not only informative, but natural hair friendly.

Flower Crown

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 5.24.30 PM

Although you may not wear a crown of flowers on your head daily, it’s still a fun option for those days when you want to be a little girly. YouTuber and Fashionista, MyThriftedCloset, created this halo of flowers for under 10 bucks! She used vine garland, assorted fake flowers, green gardening tape, a hot glue gun and scissors to create the crown. After measuring the garland around your head, you just take the gardening tape and secure pieces of the crown together. Next, take your flowers and glue them onto your garland using the hot glue gun. Let it dry and you’ve got yourself a flower crown for your natural hair. Even those who are DIY challenged will be able to create this look.


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 5.26.30 PM

Natural hair YouTuber Naptural85 has a great tutorial where she demonstrates two ways to create wire headbands without the need to sew. She was inspired by headbands and bun ties that she purchased at Free People. Free people can be expensive, so she decided to show her viewers how they can create the cute accessories at home. She created the accessory by using fabric, scissors, a ruler, duct tape, jewelry wire, a wire cutter, fabric pins, permanent fabric glue and bobby pins.

First Way

Measure enough fabric around your head and make room for a little extra fabric. Next, fold the fabric in half the long way and secure the ends with pins. Then, cut the ends into a triangle and clean up the edges of the fabric, by folding them up a quarter of an inch and securing them with pins. Iron down the edges and glue each border together. Leaving the ends open so that the wire can fit inside.

Second Way

Naptural85 does the same steps for a faux leather fabric, except she doesn’t use an iron because faux leather can’t be ironed. To secure the two faux leather borders she bobby pins the sides together so that the fabric doesn’t pop open.

The last step requires you to measure the wire to fit inside the headband, while making room for a little more wire on each side. Next, cut the wire and create a loop at the ends of the wire. Finally, cut small pieces of duct tape and fold it over the wire. The duct tape will add flexibility and comfort. Place the wire in the headband and secure the ends of the headband shut by using glue. This is a great tutorial for those who don’t know how to sew.

Flower Accent

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 5.27.48 PM

Since its spring, why not adorn you hair with flowers? YouTuber, MsVcharles created this flower accent for her natural hair by using silk flowers, hair clips, felt paper, rhinestones, scissors, and a hot glue gun. First, cut a slim piece of felt paper and glue the hair clip to the paper. Next, apply glue to the inside of the clip and fold over the extra material. Take your flower, pull it apart, leaving only the first piece of the flower. Trim the stem and reattach the base of the flower. Finally, glue the base of the flower to the hair clip and glue the other parts of the flower to the base. Add a rhinestone to the center and your all set!

Do you make your own hair accessories?

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7 years ago

I’ m a crafty person. I have made flower ponytail holders and hair clips. it’s very easy and cheaper than ready made. I give as gifts.

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