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10 Natural Hairstyle Ideas for Prom 2015

• Apr 13, 2015

Prom season is upon us! It seems like more and more high schoolers are boldly embracing their natural hair, so we’ve got a few ideas for how you can wear your natural hair and still look glamorous for prom!

1. The Nicole Melton Bun

Former Beauty Editor Nicole Melton put us all onto this style a few years ago. The look is super easy and doesn’t require as much hair as it looks!

2. Teyonah Parris’ SAG Updo

Felicia Leatherwood always has Teyonah Parris’ hair laid on the red carpet, but this updo is perfect for a solid color dress that needs drama!

3. Curlformers Updo

Curlformers can be a hit or miss, but if you can master them, they make perfectly uniform curls that are perfect for a prom updo!

4. Romantic Crochet Braids

This softer variation on the crochet braid curl is so natural-looking, no one will know you’ve got crochet braids! Start by combing out your installed hair (I used Fingercomber hair), then just braid and curl.

5. Flat Twisted Marley Bun

Get your homegirl, mom, or auntie to braid or flat twist your hair into super small sections into a high ponytail. Then use marley or kanekalon braiding hair to amp up the volume and make a braided bun!

Lupita SAG Awards

6. Wand Curls

If you think you can get through the night without sweating your hair out, then check out this wand curl tutorial that’s perfect for medium-length naturals. You can blow your hair out first, or for more volume, set your dry hair in braids and then fluff it out.

7. Jumbo Flat Twists

If your dress is va-va-voom, keep your hair cute but contained with a jumbo flat twist updo from Kinky Curly Beauty, the queen of jumbo flat twists!

8. Halo Crown Braid

I’m sure you’ve seen this done before, and have maybe done it yourself, but the key to making a crown braid prom-ready is to make sure your edges are on fleek and to add a sparkly hair accessory.

9. Updo for Locs/Braids/Twists

If you’re loc’ed, or you have faux locs, box braids, or some other hairstyle with extensions, try out one of these elegant updos!

10. Defined TWA

Let your hair speak volumes in this super cute defined TWA that will have you the center of attention — even if you don’t win prom queen!


How are you planning on wearing your hairstyle for prom or any formal events you have coming up this spring?

About Klassy Kinks founder and editor, Ijeoma Eboh, is on a mission to change perceptions of kinky textured hair around the world. You can find her on social media @klassykinks.

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