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[Video] Creativity: Installing a Sew-In Weave and Marley Twists On Top of Locs!

Think just because you have locs means you can’t rock a sew-in? Think again. Stylist, Richard Anthony Flowers posted the below¬†video of a recent install on a client who had a head full of locs. Watch her go from stunning locs to a sleek sew-in weave in a matter of minutes:

Posted by Richard Anthony Flowers on Sunday, March 15, 2015

Also, you can braid over your locs if you’d like marley twists or havana twists for a change of pace. Check out the video below:

What do you think?

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7 years ago

I like the idea of both. I probably wouldn’t do the first, because I like having access to my scalp. However, one thing I’ve been toying around with is the idea of doing crochet braids over my locs. I’m only about 5 months into my loc journey and my hair isn’t very dense or long, so I believe I could braid it down easy enough and put curly hair over it. I’m pretty certain I will do it, but it is just a matter of when. Not sure if I should just wait until after the summer.

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