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8 Quick Natural Hair Styles for Moms On the Go

It’s 6 a.m., the kids’ lunch still needs to be packed, clothes need to be ironed, and you’re trying to plan dinner all while trying to dress your little ones for school. With all of this going on, you don’t even want to think about trying to do something with your hair. None the less, it has to be done. I mean, you can’t possibly show up to work with your hair literally looking like you just rolled out of bed. That’s why it’s important to have a few quick hair styles in your memory bank for moments when you just don’t seem to have enough time. Take a look at these quick natural hair styles for the mom on the go!


Sweep it to the Side

Natural hair and style YouTuber, TheChicNatural, has an excellent tutorial that showcases three different hairstyles for short to medium length hair. You can take your old twist out or wash n go and pin it into a side swept updo such as this one…


Or you can part your hair on the side (making sure to leave a front bang), roll it, tuck it and pin it neatly.


TheChicNatural’s final hairstyle involves creating a large French twist in the back of the head and neatly pinning the sides. So easy, but still chic. These styles are great for those days when you have to hurry and run multiple errands, but are short on time for hair styling.


Twist it Up

If your hair is long and volumous then natural hair YouTuber, Pure Estrogen has the perfect tutorial for you. She also created three quick and simple natural hair styles in her tutorial. Her first style involves a pony puff, a flat twist and a few bobby pins.


Her next style looks more complicated than it really is. She simply grabs sections of hair in the front of her head and laps them one over the other, creating a crisscross effect. The back of her hair is tucked and pinned.


Finally, Pure Estrogen tops off her tutorial with a high bun that includes a few medium sized twists. I think these three styles are perfect for the office!


Add Some Hair

Sometimes we forget to care for our hair at night and wake up with hair that can’t be helped no matter what we try to do to it. A wise woman once told me to always keep a few packs of braiding hair in a drawer. You’ll never know when you’re going to need it! NaturallyCherrell creates two effortless styles with two packs of kanekalon braiding hair. For her first style, she put her natural hair up in a bun, twisted the braiding hair into a large twist, and then twisted the hair around the bun.


Her second style was created by twisting and braiding the kanekalon hair, leaving her with a twisted bang and a long braided pony tail. If you need a quick do before you head out with your girls, you may want to give these looks a try. These styles are also great for those who are challenged in the styling department. You can’t go wrong with this tutorial.


There you have it! You now have 8 quick and easy hair styles to test on those days when you don’t know whether you’re coming or going.

What are some of your quick and easy hair styles for busy mornings?

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Alwina Oyewoleturner
Alwina Oyewoleturner
7 years ago

Awesome styles! Thanks for sharing!

These Girls
These Girls
7 years ago

i also came across this video with really nice quick styles yesterday.

These Girls
These Girls
7 years ago

and this one toooo. this was really nice

7 years ago

i like it

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