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5 Chic Protective Styles That Can Be Worn On Any Occasion

• Mar 1, 2015

Do you get tired of changing up your look depending on where you are going?  Here are five protective styles that you can wear for almost any occasion:

1. Vintage Tuck


If you are a fan of Geri’s blog, Geraldine the Great, then you know that she has some serious styling creativity when it comes to natural hair.  She has recently been sharing more on YouTube, and this vintage tuck is just one of them.  Simple and chic, the look can be worn for almost any occasion.

Description: Low, vintage tuck on stretched hair (threaded)
Products used:  Oil mix (coconut, jojoba, almond), Eva NYC Mane Tamer Leave-in Conditioner
Tools required: Bobby pins

2. Twisted Knot Protective Style


Naptural85 (or Whitney) is best known for her gorgeous, defined twist outs and curl sets, but she also does some nice protective styles.  This one is super cute for school, the office, lounging, or working out.

 Description: Low, twisted bantu knot with flat twisted crown on stretched hair (old roller set)
Products used: 
Homemade shea butter creamedge control gel, water
Tools required: 
Brush (optional), wide-tooth comb, clip

3. Big Easy Bun (on Fine 4C Hair)

Bola Cooper

I know my fine-haired 4C naturals sometimes feel neglected when it comes to style posts, so here is one for you all.  The secret to the fullness of this look is working with very loosely twisted sections to create the illusion of thick hair.  Check out the tutorial for more details and tricks.

Description: Big bun on stretched hair (threaded).
Tools required: Bobby pins, wide-tooth comb, African thread, piece of tights, clip

4. Pinned Mini Twists on Tapered Fro


Now this protective style is great for those who have a tapered fro and/or in the between stage.  Though it is on the edgy side, it can still work for many occasions given how you play it up or down.  Alternatively, you can let the twists hang for a simpler, semi-protective look.

Description: Big bun on stretched hair (threaded).
Products used:  
Water, Eco Styler Olive Oil GelProclaim Foaming Wrap Lotion
Tools required: 
Clips, Tangle Teezer, brush, bobby pins

5. Textured Upside Down French Braided Bun


NaturalNeiicey was inspired by TheChicNatural to created this textured version of the upside down french braided bun.  You can start from a twist out, braid out, or your natural curls, but be sure your hair was priorly detangled well so that the french braiding process goes easier.

Description: Upside down french braid into bun.
Tools required: 
Wide-tooth comb

Which of these hair styles will you try?

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7 years ago

Thank you for putting this together Chinwe, these are all stunning styles! Though I have to ask, what is an African thread?

7 years ago
Reply to  Lillian

Black thread traditionally used for threading (wrapping around strands of hair) . It’s typically tougher than the usual sewing thread. You’ll see it towards the end of Bola’s video.)

7 years ago

Great article, I loved it! especially that ‘Upside down french braid bun’ hairstyle which I hope to try soon. Though this is unrelated, I want to thank the BGLH staff for adding pictures to the articles, before each video. Sometimes, the videos don’t load properly on my phone so I’m glad to see the pictures during those times so that I understand what the writer is talking about.

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