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5 Beautiful Natural Hair Styles for a Spring Wedding — 2015 Edition

Spring is approaching and so is the first wave of weddings for the year.  Whether you are a bride-to-be, a member of the bridal party, or an attendant, here are five natural hair style options for you:

1. Perm Rod Set


Perm rod sets are really in right now, so of course this list wouldn’t be complete without one.  This tutorial is simple enough and the best I’ve seen so far.  The roots are twisted to ensure a super smooth rod set.

Description:  Super smooth perm rod set.
Products used:  Homemade flaxseed gel, Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Detangler, avocado oil, Eden BodyWorks Curl Defining Crème, Pink, Peach, and White Perm Rods
Tools needed: Pink, peach, and white perm rods, clip, modified Denman Brush

2. Twisted Pompadour


Updos are also a gorgeous option for spring weddings, and this one is really simple to achieve.  It is also creative considering that it is not your typical pompadour!  As Kyssmyhair put it, the style “is chic in the back and bold in the front”.

Description:  Roll, tuck, and pin undo with twisted pompadour.
Products used:  Gel
Tools needed: Clips, rattail comb (for parting), ouchless band, bobby pins, boar bristle brush

3. Loc Petal Mane


For my ladies who want to keep their long locs out of the way but still want to show length, this loc petal mane is perfect.  To get the initial crinkly look, start from a twist out or braid out. Add loc jewelry to your loc mane for more style.

Description:  Roll, tuck, and pin updo with twisted pompadour.
Tools needed: Black rubber bands, loc jewelry (optional)

4. Jumbo Twist Chignon


This jumbo twist chignon is great for the style-challenged or the lazy natural (i.e., me, sometimes).  It requires minimal product, tools, and time and is easy to create.  Despite its simplicity, the style is very chic.

Description:  Jumbo twists into low chignon.
Products used:  Fro Butter Baby
Tools needed: Wide-tooth comb, clip, brush, bobby pin

5. Underhand Braid Updo (with added hair)


If you want an updo that has more fullness and height than your hair can offer, then this look is for you.  You will need braiding hair to create that illusion.  Though this natural works with straight hair, you can just as easily modify the look with Marley braiding hair for more texture.

Description:  Braided updo with added hair for fullness and height.
Products used:  Gel
Tools needed: Comb (for parting), jumbo braiding hair, bobby pin, boar bristle brush

Are you attending a Spring wedding?  What hair style do you plan on wearing? 

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7 years ago

Nice article and Lovely hairstyles, especially the Updo by KyssMyhair.

kerese Green
kerese Green
7 years ago

Is there any cute ones with short hair Or TWA cause thats what I have and I would love to rck my natural hair at my wedding coming up soon

7 years ago
Reply to  kerese Green

Lupita Nyong’o always gives me TWA inspiration.

7 years ago

The twisted pompadour video by Kyssmyhair reminds me of a lady from the church where I play. She has passed on, but she was one classy lady! She always dressed so nicely, even when she was not in church, and her hair was always on point. I think she wore it straight predominantly, and she always had it in some sort of bun or updo. I saw Kyssmyhair’s poses at the end of the video, and I could just see Ms. Thelma with her hair like that 🙂 <3. I miss her so much :'(. I suppose this should be… Read more »

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