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Type 4 Naturals: 3 Products to Add to Your Regimen to Boost Moisture

• Mar 3, 2015

One of the main problems I have experienced with my type 4 hair is dryness. This hair type in particular requires a lot of moisture, and moisture retention is often a big issue. Over the years, I have learned that there are certain things that need to be done or added to my regimen to help boost the moisture in my hair, thus increasing moisture retention.

A Good Deep Conditioner

I have learned that one of the main ways to boost moisture in type 4 hair is to deep condition regularly. When I wash my hair, I try to make sure deep conditioning is a part of my regimen. I have to be honest, there were times when I would choose not to deep condition. My hair felt so dry and I couldn’t figure out why. When I began including this step in my regimen again, I saw a big change. So, If you have been slacking on deep conditioning, try increasing how often you do so. You will notice a difference in how moisturized your hair feels and how long it stays moisturized.

Camille Rose Natural Deep Conditioner


Aloe Vera Juice


Aloe vera juice is great for conditioning hair. It allows for increased absorption and moisture retention in hair. On washdays, prior to applying my moisturizers, I spray my hair with aloe vera juice. This closes the hair’s cuticles and allows for a smooth application of hair products. Closing the hair’s cuticles also locks in moisture from any conditioner or deep conditioner that was used. Since adding aloe vera juice to my hair regimen, I have noticed an increase in moisture retention when used on washdays.




Type 4 hair often requires a lot of thick butters and creams for long lasting moisture. The problem with using these heavy products is that they cause product buildup. Clean, clarified hair increases hair’s moisture retention. Therefore, hair should be properly cleansed and clarified to remove any product buildup and increase moisture. There are several ways to clarify hair: using an apple cider vinegar rinse, baking soda, clay hair masks, or a clarifying shampoo.

Which of these techniques have you tried on your natural hair to boost moisture?

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15 Comments on "Type 4 Naturals: 3 Products to Add to Your Regimen to Boost Moisture"

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Yay! I have and use all 3! For the deep conditioner I switch between Camille Rose and Hawaiian Silky’s Argan deep conditioner. I love how my hair feels with both.


As a type 4 natural, I’m so mad at the fact that I’m allergic to aloe vera.


Lots of people are allergic to something. You just have to find ways round it. Luckily there are other humectants out there.


I’m sad that I’m allergic to coconut oil. So I understand your struggle, sis 🙂

Jasmine S

I’m confused about how to use aloe Vera juice , should I use after I deep condition?


I use my aloe vera juice AFTER I rinse out my conditioner. Because aloe vera is refrigerated both the cool temp and natural properties of aloe vera close my cuticles to help my hair retain the moisture. I must say that using aloe vera juice gives my hair an amazing shine!! I also use it to refresh my hair in between washes. Check out naptural85s channel for a video on how she uses it in her wash day routine! Hope that helps!


I’ve found this REALLY helps.…aloe Vera juice, vegetable glycerine, plus an oil you like.…MOISTURE for days.…even in winter.….and leave apple cider vinegar on hair…don’t wash off


Your recipe sounds great!


But ACV smells horrible, I cannot get past the smell. The smell does not bother you??


This is the first time I’ve seen a post on how to use aloe vera juice. On the front page there’s a list of products every new natural should buy and a link for where to buy the products, but it doesn’t say why you should buy them and what they do. I think that would be helpful to include.


I really am unsure about how to use apple cider vinegar. is it before or after shampoo? How should i dilute it? please help! x


ACV should be use in place of the shampoo. it clarifies your hair so to then put on shampoo would just be double work.

Staci Elle

Its after sis. most people dilute it I believe its 50/50. I will ask my sis she does this all of the time.


I use all 3, but, I suspect aloe juice makes my hair hard.

Elesha Albert

I’ve tried all 3 and my hair does love aloe Vera juice ALOT!! I’ll give it a try as a leave in spritz before applying styling products to hair and see how that works

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