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The Drooling Continues … 10 MORE Pictures that Show the Incredible Versatility of Natural Hair

• Feb 17, 2015

If I had to guess, many of you were drooling on your keyboards in the last post.  Here are ten more pictures (yes, more!) that show the incredible versatility of natural hair!

1. Mandajesspanda

Mandajesspanda is giving us endless flexibility with these sixteen different looks.  Her hair transforms from little curls to big curls to straight and wavy seemingly effortlessly.


2. Jessohno_shedid

Jessica’s jumbo twists (the center photo) were featured on our 10 Most Gorgeous and Creative Chunky Twists post last year.  In this collage, she showcases the range of her natural hair.


3. Huntresslocs

I have another collage for my loc’ed ladies. Huntresslocs demonstrates no limitations with these styles.


4. Carmen

Some of you may recognize Carmen as one third of MyNaturalSistas. In this collage, not only does she give us versatility in texture and style but in color as well.

Carmen MyNaturalSistas

5. Hey_curlie

Hey_curlie (or Romance) was recently featured here as a style icon. The flexibility she gives us here ranges from rod sets to wash-n-gos to bantu knot outs and more.


6. India

India, who is also a third of MyNaturalSistas, is bringing it in this collage.  Through a twist and curl, wash n go, flat iron, afro, and more, she shows us that the possibilities are endless with natural hair.

India MyNaturalSistas

7. Ms NaturallyMary

Short hair, don’t care!  With these nine different looks, Ms NaturallyMary shows us that the versatility of natural hair can come in smaller packages, too.  You can find her on YouTube at MsNaturallyMary.

Ms NaturallyMary

8.  MissT1806 

From stretched to curly to wavy, MissT1806 is giving us range.  You can find more of her styles on YouTube and Instagram.


9. Manely_maya

Manely_maya, or Maya, is another natural who was featured as a style icon.  She shows that natural hair has no limits with these nine different looks.  For more versatility, check her out on Instagram.


10. Nikkibcurly

Last but not least is the beautiful Nikkibcurly.  She demonstrates six different looks from a wash n go, bantu knot out, and twist and curl alone.


Which of these looks are your favorite?

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Stephanie Palmer
Stephanie Palmer
7 years ago

all of this!!!!!!

7 years ago

I don’t have versatile hair. The more I see versatile natural hair, the more I realise that I don’t have it. My hair doesn’t like a lot of styles that other naturals excel at doing and shrinkage tends to mean I can’t pull off these styles in a way that would be worth my time. I think it’s ok to admit that. I like their hair though.

7 years ago
Reply to  Kinee

It could be the kinds of products that you use! Also how much time you let a style set. It could also be the technique you use to set the style (how you twist your hair, how detangled you make it) As long as you love your hair tho!

7 years ago
Reply to  Kinee

I agree with Jasmine. All natural hair has potential to be very versatile. It doesn’t have to be versatile like the ladies in the photos it could be with protective styles and even shrinkage can mean it seems to be different lengths and therefore, you can style it differently. Just keep trying and don’t let shiny photos make you think your attempts are a fail.

Olivia Marie
Olivia Marie
7 years ago

Hey go check out the satin bonnets on

Anisa Glover
Anisa Glover
7 years ago

Makes me want to do more with my hair. #goals

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