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8 Romantic Natural Hair Styles for Valentines Day

• Feb 9, 2015

With Valentines Day right around the corner, you’re probably wondering what you’ll do with your hair. Fortunately, there are quite a few sultry and romantic natural hair tutorials for special occasions. Take a look at these natural hair styles that will surely help prepare you for a special day!

Romantic Beachy Waves

romantic waves

If you’re more into loose waves, take a look at this tutorial from 4C natural, Jessica Pettway. On freshly blow dried hair, section your hair in small sections and tightly wrap the hair around your index finger. Next, remove your finger and secure the hair with two bobby pins, like you would secure a pin curl. Allow your hair to set over night. When you unravel your hair in the morning, your head will be full of fluffy waves. This look is excellent for medium and long hair.

Products used: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Tools required: A comb, bobby pins

Soft Wand Curls

Soft wand curls

To get wand curls that aren’t quite so tight for your special evening, natural hair YouTuber, DorianSheryce, offers a detailed tutorial. Starting off with blow dried hair (tension method), she sectioned her hair into small sections and wanded her hair away from her face. After wrapping each section of hair around and down the barrel, hold the hair in place for 10 to 15 seconds. As you remove the hair from the barrel, scrunch your hair together, then slide the barrel off of the curl. When your whole head is finished, separate your curls and fluff.

Products used: Tresseme holding spray

Tools: ½ inch to 1 inch Remington Curl Wand 

Elegant Updo

To get this look, Phoenix Monroe, has a simple updo that would be perfect for an evening out with your beau. This is great for short or medium length hair because braiding hair was added to create this style. With blow dried hair or stretched hair, part your hair in the back of your head in three sections. Next, secure each section with a hair tie and form a small bun for each section. Apply a pony tail holder to the middle of one of the packs of hair and attach it to the back of your head. Twist the braiding hair and wrap it around the bun. Follow the same steps for the next bun, but for the bun on the top of your hair, integrate your own hair into the braiding hair as you twist. Wrap the hair around and secure with bobby pins.

Products used: Organic Root Stimulator Smooth and Hold Pudding, Kera Care Edge Tamer

Tools: Bobby pins, 2 packs of braiding hair, bristle brush, rat tail comb, hair ties, rubber bands.

Sweet Low Bun

down do

When it comes to updo’s and buns, My Natural Sistas always nails it. On stretched hair, part your hair down the center, brush it back, and make a small bun. Tie your silk scarf around your head to set it. Loosely braid a pack of braiding hair and wrap it around your bun. Secure the ends with bobby pins and your done! You can accessorize your hair with a sweet and cute head piece.

Products used: gel

Tools: Bobby pins, 1 pack of braiding hair, silk scarf, floral head piece, a brush

Sultry Side Swept Twist Out


For a sultry, side swept twist out check out this tutorial from TwinGodesses. Twist your hair into several sections and place perm rods on the ends. Allow the twists to fall in the direction you want your hair to fall. The next day, undo twists, unravel, fluff, and pin into the style.

Products used: water, moisturizer, argan oil, whipped butterEntwine Jelle styler

Tools: rattail comb, perm rods, bobby pins, pick

Big, Voluminous Curls


Big, voluminous curls are another great style for Valentine’s Day, and in this video, India from MyNaturalSistas shows you how to achieve them. She starts from an old flat iron, but you can begin from a blow out if you prefer. As a bonus, this video also includes a makeup look (though not a tutorial).

Products used: setting lotion

Tools: big perm rods (about 30), pick

Beautiful Bun (with added hair)


If you want to go for something elegant, how about this look from MrsFabBeautyBlog. She uses Marley braid hair to create this beautiful bun with bang.

Products used: water mixed with conditioner, Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste

Tools: bobby pins, braid hair, brush

Seductive Finger Coils (4C and TWA Friendly)


Who says you have to have long hair to be sexy for Valentine’s Day? Check out this tutorial in which Cynthykay demonstrates how to create finger coils on a TWA. This style is also 4C friendly.

Products used: water, Africa’s Best Organics Olive Oil leave-in conditioner, olive oil, Eco Styler Gel

Tools: bobby pins, brush, comb, rattail comb, toothbrush

What kind of look are you going to rock this Valentine’s Day?

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7 years ago

All of these ladies are so beautiful and fierce!!!! I swear it’s a requirement that you have to be gorgeous to grace this site.

G Nice
7 years ago

I love the romantic beachy waves. Great article. I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much about hair.


hope i helped
hope i helped
7 years ago

the last one, those finger coils are hoooot

7 years ago

Lovely style ideas and these ladies are stunning! Love it. 🙂

6 years ago

Talk to me about the necklace that romantic beachy waves has on.

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