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My Top 3 Natural Hair New Year’s Resolutions

• Jan 6, 2015


Every year, I remember the things I could have done differently with my hair over the year before. A bad DIY treatment here, using too many oils there — you get the point. So I like to make a list of natural hair resolutions to ring in the new year. I think this as a promise to my hair that I will follow my regimen, avoid drastic impulse decisions and allow my mane to flourish. Here’s what I came up with this year.


No major haircuts!

I definitely will trim my hair, but haircuts are just so stressful. Your stylist always cuts more than you want. They charge you an arm and a leg to cut long/thick hair and then whatever shape you get grows out in a month or so anyway. The last haircut I got made my bangs so short that it was difficult to get all of my hair in a bun and I could barely tuck my hair behind my ear. This drove me absolutely crazy. So I’m done — trims only!


Figure out the harsh East Coast climates to maximize my hair health.

When I lived in California, the climate was so mild all year round that I didn’t really have to think about what to do with my hair when I got into a groove with my regimen. However, the winters are so cold and the summers are so hot and humid that I need to be more aware regarding what my hair needs. I did get a hooded dryer, which has been my savior this winter, but when it gets hot and humid I’m going to have to change it up again. It’s funny how much climate can impact your hair. This is another reason why I suggest people not follow someone else’s regimen just because their hair looks similar.



Deep condition my hair at least biweekly.

I used to be a deep conditioning fiend! However, due to my schedule changes over the years, I’ve become so lax with it. I can’t even remember the last time I did a traditional (wet or dry) DC on my hair. That’s pretty pitiful, considering that we know how important it is to maintain proper moisture/protein balance and prevent breakage (especially in winter). In fact, I’m going to go DC my hair right now, lol.

So spill! What are your natural hair resolutions this year? What could you have done differently last year?

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7 years ago

The coppery hair color in the first photo is gorgeous!!! Based on what I’ve read and experienced, maintenance of optimum moisture in the hair is the backbone of the Curly Girl method. It’s the reason for product choice and frequency of application. Maintain optimum moisture, and you will probably have good success with CG. I’m doing CG on hair that I always thought was highly porous. While I’m now thinking it may not be as porous as I once thought, the difference between previous perception and reality is not significant enough for me to want to go longer than a week… Read more »

carol b
carol b
7 years ago

Hi Elle
thanks for sharing your hair resolution. to be quite honest I’ve never given any thought to having a resolution for my hair, so here are the ones that I am going to put into practice pronto. like you I am also on the west coast too so I had never considered doing a DC twice a week but I think I will try that. trying not to have my hands in my hair other than to style and wash it (gonna be super hard) to trim when necessary and to be adventurous with some hair styles.

7 years ago

I have two HaiResolutions. 1) To stop yanking/tearing splits and knots off my strands whenever my shears aren’t handy. 2) To protective style at least every other month (or for 6 months out of the year).
I feel like a lot of Naturals (myself included) know better but just get lazy. Lol

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