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Scissor Happy: 4 Ways to Stop Over Trimming Your Natural Hair

• Jan 11, 2015


Are you scissor happy? Do you reach for the scissors every time you see a split end or complex knot (knot that has more than 2 strands entangled). Are you happy to trim your hair again if you see splits immediately after a fresh trim? Has your hair become stagnant at a certain length and do you think the reason for it is that either you trim your hair a lot OR your hair shows signs of damage and has to be trimmed?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it is possible that you are scissor happy and your hair may thrive if you set the scissors down for a while. Here are some tips to help you get over being scissor happy.

1. Undo knots instead of trimming

So before you roll your eyes , no I am not asking you to use a needle to undo fairy knots, even though it must be said that some long haired naturals do actually use this method, most of us would consider this tedious! I am, however, asking you to work on complex knots strand by strand with a little bit of oil or conditioner for slip. You can save a lot of length by prising out strands from a complex knot rather than just lopping the whole lot off. You may have to cut some hair, but isn’t it better to pull 4 strands undamaged from the knot and just trim the two which will not untangle rather than cut all 6?

2. Stop checking for it — Stick to a trimming schedule

If you search for split ends, you will find split ends and possibly some knots too along the way. In order to keep the scissors down, not looking for signs of damage between trims can help because as the old adage goes , ignorance is bliss. If you do a fortnightly search and destroy, then in the two weeks in between, do not stare down your ends for signs of splits. This would apply too in the event that you are dusting once a month or trimming once every three months. Whatever the intervening period is, just don’t go looking for split ends to attack.

3. Let it go — Do not trim again if you see split ends immediately after a trim

It is entirely possible that if you see split ends immediately after trimming that you did not trim your hair enough but it is also possible that these are just a few leftovers that were missed. Let it go, leave those split ends alone and deal with them the next time that you are trimming hair. Some people have hair that is more susceptible to splitting, but constantly cutting the hair is not the solution, instead, go down the route of babying those ends until the next trim.

4. Do not keep your scissor handy

If you know that you will begin to look at your ends as you watch TV in the evening and keep your scissor handily in the drawer of your coffee table, it is time to move the scissor. Have your scissor available when it is time to trim but out of easy reach at other times.

Are you a scissor-happy natural? How do you combat the urge to trim constantly?

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9 Comments on "Scissor Happy: 4 Ways to Stop Over Trimming Your Natural Hair"

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I think that I’m a bit addicted to trimming. I’ve decided to set a schedule at this point since I want to grow out my layers.


I was trim happy because frankly it was beat into me when I had permed hair. I had to do the steps above to stop it. My hair grows fast so it has been a Godsend! It was so deeply subconscious that it took me a while to realize it!!! Great article!


Hi, my name is Crystal and I am addicted to clipping my ends.


I needed this. I go on a search-and-destroy mission for SSKs (while watching TV) whenever my hair is down.I

I am was guilty of this! I was so scissor happy that I have to literally hide my scissors from myself (which never works bc I know where they are duh). The main reason for this obsession was bc I was very new to the natural hair scene (BC 2.19.13) and many naturals that I followed that had luxurious locks would always say “trim dem endz!”. Pretty soon I was going from trims to cuts and ultimately to my second big chop last December. And after I cut it all off, I was so disappointed in myself. My hair was… Read more »

Needed this post! The struggle is real and sometimes I feel like there should be a support group smh lol. People are getting upset with me over my hair for being scissor-happy. I’m gonna see to it that I trim way less/not at all for 2015 for my own progress.


Welcome to CMEA!


Man I feel as if my name should of been scissorhands this is terrible. I’ve been natural for about ten months now with hair that is boyish, it’s still on my forehead hasn’t even touch my nose yet. Where have I gone wrong? trimming hair is so confusing I don’t know whether to trim every 3month or 4 or wait longer or less I need help.


I am scissor happy when it comes to having uneven ends. But now it has been going on 4 weeks since I had scissors to my hair. I’m so proud of myself! I was thinking my hair wasn’t growing and that it needs to be even. But now it’s growing and I’m retaining length.

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