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5 Ways to Wear a Chignon on Natural Hair

Here are five different ways to achieve a beautiful chignon on natural hair!

1. Low Twisted Chignon


This low, twisted chignon is really simply to create.  Start on hair that has been stretched via banding, blow dry, roller set, or African threading.  There is no need to apply additional product, unless desired.

Description: Low chignon that incorporates goddess flat twists.
Tools: Denman brush, bobby pins

2. Low Textured Side Bun


This low textured bun is another way to achieve the look of a beautiful chignon.  Start on hair that has been stretched but still retains texture.  For you finger stylers, no combs or brushes are necessary for this look.

Description: Low twisted bun on a braid out.
Products used: Water, aloe vera gel
Tools: Bobby pins, hair band

3. Pinned Twists on Twist Out

Melodie Miller

Some may call this a faux chignon that still gives the desired look.  Start on a fresh twist out or braid out and several bobby pins.  No combs or additional products are needed.

Description: Side chignon on a fresh twist out.
Tools: Bobby pins, hair band

4. Chic Easy Chignon


This cute low chignon is another easy one to create.  Start on hair that is really stretched via bunning, banding, threading, roller setting, or blow drying.  The style starts with a low side ponytail, which makes the task easier to complete.

Description: Low side ponytail styled into a chignon.
Products used: Gel
Tools: Rattail comb (for parting), clips, hair band, boar brush, bobby pins

5. Flat Twisted Chignon


This style is for you twisters and flat twisters.  Start with three twists in the back and flat twists going from the front to back.  To achieve a fuller chignon, make sure your twists are done loosely.

Description: Flat twists and twists styled into chignon.
Products used: Obia Curl Hydration Spray, Obia Curl Enhancing Custard, oil
Tools: Bobby pins, hair band, clip, rattail comb for parting

How do you wear your chignon?  Which of these styles will you try?

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7 years ago

This styles are sooo very beautiful!! Elegant, require little manipulation and a great way to preserve your ends! Win!

Bees O Honey
7 years ago

I like to wear high chignon buns (I have a tutorial for it) but the low twisted and low textured styles #1 & #2 are beautiful. I gotta try them! Thanks for posting.

7 years ago

People with edgea be like

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