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4 Rising Youtubers with Hip-Length Natural Hair

• Jan 14, 2015

If you are looking for more long hair inspiration (or long hair to drool over) on YouTube, check out these hip-length natural hair ladies!

1. Melissa Denise

Melissa Denise 2

Melissa transitioned from thin, relaxed strands to natural hair in 2006. Being natural was initially tough as there was little hair care information at the time. As a result, she frequently straightened her curls until they ultimately became damaged and thin. Guarded with new hair care information, she went from applying heat every two weeks to once a month and saw some improvement.  She experienced even more length retention after going months without using heat and simply becoming more comfortable with wearing her natural curls.

Some of her tips:
Reduce/eliminate heat straightening
Wear braid-outs and twist-outs as alternatives
Pre-poo with conditioner and oil for 4–8 hours
Deep condition after each wash (she does it for 35 minutes)

2. Curly Proverbz

Curly Proverbz 2

Curly Proverbz started from shoulder length strands before ultimately reaching hip length. Her hair troubles began when she was texlaxed at 8 years old. Length retention became difficult, and her strands would stay stuck at shoulder length for years.  She eventually returned to natural and saw improvements in her hair with patience, time, and care.

Some of her tips:
Regular henna treatments
Protective style regularly
Deep conditions with oils
Minimize handling of your hair
Finger detangle before using a comb
Minimize heat straightening

3. Razorempress


You may recognize Razorempress (and Curly Proverbz) from the BGLH icon series.  She has been natural all her life, but did not take the best care of her hair.  It became dry, damaged and stunted as a result. In 2012, she started a hair growth and weight loss journey, both of which drastically transformed her from the inside out.  Her hair is now hip length and she has lost about 50 lbs.

Some of her tips:
Grease for extra sealing (but avoid scalp)
Eat clean and healthy
Combat hand-in-the-hair syndrome
Co-wash more than shampoo 

4. Jostylin

jostylin 2

Jostylin took a long hiatus from YouTube, but when she returned, she did so with a bang – tailbone length natural hair. If you recognize her from here, it is probably because she was mentioned last year in the post “3 YouTubers with REALLY Long 4B/4C Natural Hair and Simple Regimens”. In spite of this repeat, the list would not be complete without including her.

Some of tips:
Saturate hair with conditioner (after wash)
Protective style regularly
Wash with braids for easier managing
Finger detangle

What rising natural hair YouTubers have recently inspired you?

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22 Comments on "4 Rising Youtubers with Hip-Length Natural Hair"

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Wow! Simply beautiful.


As a person with 4b/c hair. Jostylin gives my hope.


All the girls have a beautiful head of hair. I would like to know a little about the regimine, as my own hair gets longer my arms are alot more tired, and more muscular than before. At hip length how “easy” is it?


aww this is my goal hip length! good to see more naturals going for super long lengths beautiful healthy hair rules!


Amazing and Awesome!


Jostylin been on the radar for awhile lol I’ve been watching her videos for years. And I have just become a new fan of Razorempress. I think I first saw her on fotki (I could be wrong).


i subscribe to all the beauties except Melissa Denise! i gotta go check her out! all these ladies are awesome and i love their down to earth advice! waist length before i hit 60? hey, why not? 🙂 i’m loving watching modern ms. huxtable too! all these ladies are thorough, informed and encouraging!

Chauncey Butler

About 2 more years I will be hip length I 4b 4c hair I currently at waist length


LaNaturalista. She has hip-length 4c hair, though her channel is a bit under the radar.


I’ve tried to watch her videos but she kind of rambles on lol
When I watch videos I want people to *show* me their hair — show in detail your process for washing, styling, moisturizing, etc. Not just talk the entire time. Hopefully her newer videos will get better.

true 4BC

I like #1(Melisa) all of them are an inspiration


#3 she greases her hair but not her scalp how does that work if anything I would be greasing my scalp before anything else to be healthy


Grease isn’t healthy for the scalp. The ingredients it’s made with will clog your pores which can result in build up and stunted growth. She uses grease as a sealant to help keep her hair moisturized.

Crystal B

Oh. That makes sense.


Very beautiful girls!!!!!Really hope could make a cooperation with anyone!!!!


Ive been natural for a long ass time and my hair still isn’t this long. The jealousy 🙂

Just keep trying, I guess…


You will get there! I promise sister! I went from dreadlocks in 2012 to boob length now in 2015. It just takes a lot of patience, time and hard work. 🙂


15 years natural. Tons of protective styling. My hair has only grown to a little past my shoulders. I wonder if I have a short terminal length.


Protective style does not work for me. I am 4A/B and i retain lenght better with wash & go than protective styles.


hii, just curious and trying to help, what is your regimen like? protective styling by itself does nothing. you have to pay attention to moisturizing, how small your braids or twists are, how porous your hair is, etc. just get back to me when you can


I’m not even trying to grow my hair waist length but I am subscribed to razor empress .

Maryam M

And 22ndcentury Natural Woman

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