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3 Reasons You’re Losing Your Hair and What To Do About It

• Jan 15, 2015

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I hate to admit it, but at some point in many naturals’ life, hair loss becomes an issue. The truth is no matter how far from superficial we are, losing our hair never feels okay. Below, find three common reasons why you maybe experiencing hair loss and what you can do about it.

Your birth control is promoting your hair loss.

According to the American Hair Loss Association there are four major hormonal causes of hair loss one of which is due to imbalanced androgenic hormones which is behind Androgenic Alopecia. When the androgen hormone is not balanced by the others and becomes more prominent, hair loss occurs. Causes are related to taking high androgen formulated birth control, other prescribed drugs and changes due to pregnancy and menopause.

FIX: Talk to your doctor about changing your birth control or employing the help of anti-androgen drugs.

If your prescription drugs are effecting your hormones talk to your doctor about other drug options that may interfere less with your hormones.

You’re crash dieting.

Telogen Effluvium is hair loss that can be traced to an event that has caused a strain on your body from an incomplete diet, traumatic life events such as mourning a death or child birth.

FIX: The doctors over at suggest taking a multi vitamin with vitamins and minerals like B12, zinc and vitamin D may help significantly with this kind of hair loss. Always consult a healthcare professional before you start an extreme diet.

Your doctor can best determine your cause of hair loss and provide even a better, more specific vitamin regimen tailored to your own needs.

You have a scalp disorder.

Some of us wait years before we treat an overly sensitive scalp that is also prone to massive scaling.  Sometimes a worsening scalp condition triggers an onset of hair loss.

FIX: Visit your dermatologist to learn what could be triggering your scalp issues and subsequently your hair loss. They maybe able to provide prescription medications or suggestions that can ease the problem. A healthy scalp will provide room for normal and expected hair growth.

Check out my video below for a look at other hair loss issues and some helpful fixes.

What are some remedies you employ to combat hair loss?

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6 years ago

Hello ladies, I am not a medical expert, Ive been suffering from alopecia areata for 8 years now and for the past 6 months i’ve seen results i havent seen since my first patch…I want to share my story and experience and what I did that ended up working for me in the end to give me the results i have now. First, anyone reading this is probably does alot of online research and looking for what works for others.  UNDERSTAND THAT ALOPECIA AREATA IS A AUTOIMMUNE DISORDER!! That means that this is an internal problem. Topical treatments will only take… Read more »

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