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Micro Trimming Your Way to THICKER, Longer Natural Hair

• Dec 12, 2014

This is not your usual trimming post. This is not about trimming off your damage in one fell swoop. Rather this is about micro trimming for eventual thickness and length. So, what is micro trimming? Well, it is essentially taking off ¼ to ½ of an inch of hair monthly or every other month to create thicker ends. (You can read a thorough description of the method by Nadege on RelaxedHairHealth.) However, I want to share with you a variation of this method to gain thickness while gaining a bit of length over time. First and foremost, this technique requires extreme patience; thickness and length will not gained overnight.

1. Get a rough estimate of your monthly growth rate

Whether your hair grows ¼ inch or ½ inch per month will determine how much you need to trim for this mission. Some of us already have a rough idea of our monthly rate, but if you’re one who doesn’t then start now. Measure your hair today and then measure that same strand again a few months from now. After that, divide the amount of your growth (e.g., inches) by the amount of time that has passed (in months.)  Determining your growth rate does not have to be exact; a general estimate will do.

2. Trim off less than that amount (every 1–2 months)

If your hair grows an average of ½ inch per month, then trim ¼ inch each month. If your hair grows an average of ¼ inch per month, then trim 1/8 of an inch each month. The idea is to gradually trim away your thin ends while retaining a little of your new length.  The process will allow for thicker, longer hair to take shape over time. NOTE: If you’re not comfortable with trimming monthly and/or you want to retain more length, then trim bimonthly. (Example: If your hair an average of ½ inch per month, then trim ¼-½ inch every two months.)

3. Maintain your healthy hair care routine

Though the increased trimming means fresher ends every month, it does not mean you can slack on your hair care regimen.  If anything, it is especially important to stay on top of your routine in order to reap the final product of thicker strands with a bit more length in the long run.

4. This is not for those seeking maximum length retention in a short period of time …

Otherwise I’d suggest putting away the scissors for a longer period of time. This is about achieving thicker hair while retaining some of your new length over time. This is ideal for those who don’t want to hack off all their damage in one fell swoop. This process can take several months to a few years depending on how much damage you have.  It is definitely not an “instant results” kind of task.

Have you tried “micro trimming”?

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8 Comments on "Micro Trimming Your Way to THICKER, Longer Natural Hair"

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That’s what I do. I trim off half what I grow each relaxer day. Hair getting thicker 🙂

Napturally Kia

I thought thickness was predetermined by DNA


I literally just trimmed my hair myself this past week. My afro looks better, and it’s a lot softer.


I kinda do this. Every couple of months, after I twist my hair, I snip off the ragged ends with sharp hair cutting scissors.


This is what I do every few months. I put my hair in twists & snip off the raggedy tapered ends. Just did it January 4 after making changes to my regimen to add more moisture


I got this with a regular hair cut. My ends aren’t tapered any more


I actually started this 3 months ago; didn’t know it had a name. My hair is naturally thin so thinner ends looked horrible. I’m very much satisfied with the results of the microtrimming schedule I made. I’m going back to the every 4–6 months, or as needed schedule. I am not afraid of scissors. I’m not seeking floor length hair. I’d rather maintain healthy hair, whatever the length may be.

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