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5 Fun Natural Hair Styles to Bring in the New Year

It’s that time again! The New Year is quickly approaching and some of you are probably looking for fun and festive natural hair styles to bring the year in. Why not try something fun and out of the box to start your year off? Whether you’re staying in, attending a small gathering, or hanging out downtown with friends, we are sure that you’ll find something to do with your mane for the start of 2015. Take a look at these fun styles!

Take Your Twist Out To Another Level

Natural Hair Holiday Twist-out


Upon first glance, it appears that natural hair YouTuber, Hello Dolly, is going for a traditional twist out. She surprises her viewers by taking her twist out and turning it into 3 different effortless hair styles. The first hair style is an upswept side do that frames her face beautifully. The second includes a side braid and a bang. Her final hair style involves creating a very messy bun. If you have multiple New Year’s Eve parties to attend, you may be able to easily change up your look throughout the night with these looks.

Wear a Unique Updo

Natural Hair Holiday Style


Type 4B/4C natural hair YouTuber, VeePeeJay created this chic updo. VeePeeJay creates her hair style by rolling and tucking her hair in the back. She then takes the hair that’s left in the front and creates a sweep of curls by twisting each section and feeding those sections through curlformers. Her curlformer technique is certainly different and gives her curls a different look.

 Protective Style

Natural Hair Holiday Twist Style


Starting with stretched and clean hair, YouTuber, TiffanyNicholsDesign, created an elegant updo that you can create even if your hair is already in a protective style like braids or twists. She simply flat twisted each side of her head in multiple twists while adding Marley Braiding Hair to each twist. Then she continued to twist the middle section of her hair in single two strand twists while still adding Marley Braiding Hair. The front is twisted without any hair added and later, all of her hair has perm rods at the ends to give a curl. Finally, the hair is pinned up, creating a festive updo. This is certainly a hair style that you can keep well after the New Year!

If You Have Locs


We couldn’t leave our lovely ladies who have locs out of the festivities! If you’d like to try something different with your locs this season, Chescalocs shows you how you can achieve a petaled loc fro. The best thing about this style is that it can be worn on a variety of loc lengths. First, she did two flat twists on one side of her head. Next, she took one of her locs and created three petals (loops) and rubber banned the petal. She repeated the process all over her head. The whole style took her about 2 hours. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

Knot it Up


If you’re into braids but aren’t great at the craft, AccordingtoChloeC has an elegant hair knotting tutorial. It gives the illusion of this really intricate braid, but her concept is very simple and doesn’t involve a braid at all. She started at the temples of her head and grabbed two equal sections of hair and tied it. She stated that you can do the front of your hair however you want, but she chose to do a pump. She proceeds to knot her hair all the way down. The end of her hair is neatly tucked under. The style only took her 8 minutes. It looks fancy but it is so simple and easy.


How do you plan on rocking your hair this upcoming holiday season?

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Miss Mo
Miss Mo
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Love the last style. 🙂

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