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4 Ways To Combat Permanent Color Damage

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Dying your hair can be one of the quickest ways to change up your look. But if you’re choosing to use permanent dyes, you’re playing Russian roulette for damaged, high porosity hair.

Hair goes through a pretty traumatic experience when it is permanently dyed. Some signs that your hair has become damaged by the dyeing process are:

  • Super dry hair. Hair feels “dry” even when it’s wet.
  • Breakage from fractured and stripped cuticles.
  • Excessively frizzy hair (apart from the weather and different that what the frizz B.C. the hair dye.)
  • Dull hair that lacks any type of sheen.
  • Hair won’t hold a style.
  • The main reason for these hair issues is the hair has suddenly becomes more porous and therefore is more susceptible to damage. However, there are a few things you can do to help nurse your hair back to health…

    Use conditioners made for color-treated hair

    Certain conditioners are formulated with light reconstructors and heavy moisturizers geared towards the needs of damaged or color-treated hair which loses moisture quickly due to it’s porous nature.

    Use acidic rinses

    With porous strands the cuticles tend to look like raised shingles on a roof, instead of lying parallel on the hair shaft. Acidic rinses will help close the cuticle while increasing manageability and the moisture content of the hair.

    Use a hair gloss

    Semi-permanent hair glosses are created to help keep hair color vibrant but since they also contain proteins, they help fill in holes in high porosity hair. Hair glosses also add a visible shine to hair.

    Use reconstructing treatments

    If your hair is badly damaged, it will surely appreciate the protein as it will fortify and strengthen your porous hair. Not everyone’s hair responds nicely to protein even if its hydrolyzed protein, but the hardness that some hair types experience from protein can be helped by doing a moisturizing treatment immediately after it.

    What are you tips on taking care of color damaged hair?


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    7 years ago

    I colored my hair at the beginning of August 2014, and I feel like my hair responded well to the color. It had been about two years since I last colored my hair. For the remainder of the summer I did wash and gos and also had protective styles in my hair. Back in October I did the Max hydration method, which did infuse a lot of hydration into my strands. For the last month and change, I’ve just been focusing on getting my hair to be strong as possible and moisturized as well. Especially since the winter is approaching… Read more »

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