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3 Ways To Combat Dry Hair Syndrome in Type 4 Hair

• Dec 28, 2014

Many naturals encounter dry hair at some point in time. Dryness can be caused by many things — weather, bad hair products, etc. But for Type 4 naturals like myself, dry hair can be even more prevalent. Over the years, while dealing with bouts of dry hair, I have discovered a few simple ways to quickly recover from ‘dry hair syndrome’. Combine these techniques for an even more effective approach to eliminating dry hair.

Baggy Method

baggy method natural hair bonafidestyle

The baggy method is a quick and simple method I use to increase moisture in my hair. It requires applying my favorite moisturizer and covering my hair with a plastic bag/cap. Typically, I let the plastic bag stay on my hair overnight. After removing I find that my hair feels a lot softer and less dry. This method doesn’t increase moisture long term, but it is still a great way to recover from dry hair while trying to figure out the cause of the problem and working on a more long-term solution.

Extreme Deep Conditioning

natural hair deep conditioning bonafidestyle

The main purpose of deep conditioning is to replenish moisture in the hair. Deep conditioning is an essential part of my regimen. However, it becomes even more important when experiencing dry hair. Extreme deep conditioning involves applying a moisturizing deep conditioner, covering with a plastic cap/bag and deep conditioning with heat for at least 30 minutes weekly. How is this different from my usual routine? Typically, I try to deep condition with every wash. However, in reality, there are times when I shorten the time, choose not to use heat, or skip deep conditioning altogether. Extreme deep conditioning on a regular basis can certainly help boost moisture in dry hair.


Shampoos can be drying, particularly for Type 4 naturals. Putting away the shampoo can help improve hair’s moisture. When experiencing dry hair, I skip the shampoo and increase the frequency of co-washing (about once or twice a week). This is a great way to get the hair clean without the drying effects of shampoo and it can quickly improve hair’s moisture.

What techniques do you use to quickly recover from dry hair? 

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Carol Barrett Small
Carol Barrett Small
7 years ago

What a shame that you have to use “baggies and grocery bags”! You need a Cap!

7 years ago

I love ev the baggie method with a safeway bag 🙂

Deb G
Deb G
7 years ago

I tried the bagging method yesterday for a couple of hours and my hair feels moisturized. I am very surprised. I think that I will use this method during the winter months. I have also tried not to shampoo as often.

6 years ago

I use the baggy method and I deep condition with an olive oil mixture. I have found the combination of olive oils and other oils to help me retain the most moisture has worked best!

6 years ago

I big chopped in May 2014 and at first my hair was really soft (type 3c/4a) had perfect little curls very moisturizer now that it’s longet the curls on the the outside of my head around the edges like ears nape and forehead) have turned to frizz they are extremely dry and I have to wash my hair (or at least soak it) every morning or my hair just flattens out and drys up like a Brillo pad leaving absolutely no curl pattern I don’t understand how now my hair can be wet and hanging in perfect ringlets to drying… Read more »

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