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3 Simple DIY Yarn Loc Tutorials

If you’re a fan of the recent loc extension craze, then you’d probably enjoy yarn locs as well. Loc extensions may be hard to replicate on your own, but yarn locs are the next best thing. Like loc extensions, the hair is palm rolled, but instead of adding additional hair to your hair, the hair is wrapped with yarn.

Getting faux locs at a salon can be quite expensive. With yarn locs, you can still achieve the look of faux locs without having to break the bank. These extensions are also much easier to achieve by yourself. I believe at some point, many have considered locs, but didn’t want the commitment. Yarn locs don’t require any commitment and when you grow tired of them, you can take them out. These simple YouTube tutorials demonstrate how you can achieve locs in the comfort of your own home.

Medium Yarn Locs



YouTuber ForeverRikk, has a great yarn loc tutorial where she uses Red Heart Super Saver yarn in the color coffee, to create her medium locs. Her entire hair style cost her under $10! She simply takes three strings of yarn and makes a braid with her real hair and the yarn. After braiding her hair all the way down, she wraps her hair and the yarn with two more pieces of yarn. ForeverRikk finishes the ends by tying a knot and burning them with a lighter. Although her yarn locs took a total of five days to complete, she admitted that it should have only took her 20 hours to complete. The process may be long, but her technique is very simple.


Large Yarn Locs


Another simple and easy yarn loc tutorial is this one by Concrete Mermaid. She also used Red Heart yarn. Her locs are larger and longer than what one would usually see in a yarn loc tutorial, but they are just as beautiful. She starts her loc by applying greasing conditioner and combing through the hair. She cut five strings of yarn and tied them together as if she was starting a box braid. She braided the yarn into her hair and stopped where her hair stopped. For her larger locs, she wrapped her hair with three strands of yarn instead of two. Concrete Mermaid used two packs of yarn to create her locs. A different technique, but still beautiful.

Extra Large Yarn Locs

yarn locs

If you’re looking for even larger yarn locs, but with more volume, natural hair YouTuber AfricanCreature, has the perfect tutorial. She used a total of 5 strings of yarn per loc. She made sure to apply moisture to her hair before starting her loc. She also starts her loc as if she is starting a box braid. African Creature wrapped her locs with 5 strings of yarn, creating thick locs. Her locs are very long and come past her waist.

Although yarn locs are convenient and versatile, they shouldn’t be kept in for longer than 5 weeks. Any longer and the yarn begins to fuzz. Just like box braids or twists, you can wash yarn locs. They won’t unravel if you treat them kindly and dry them completely. Taker a look at this informative video of YouTuber, Iamsonotmyhair cleaning her locs.


Are you ready to “commit” to yarn locs?

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Cool beans

7 years ago

I was curious whether the yarn cuts your hair, so if anyone has any answers, I’d really appreciate it.

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Reply to  Tyran

No. It doesnt. Minimal shedding

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