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Blue Ivy’s Fab Ballerina Bun + Tia Mowry’s Boldly Beautiful Box Braids + Lala Anthony’s Chic Corn Rows

• Nov 12, 2014

blue ivy beyonce jay z bun


Little Miss Blue Ivy was out and about shopping in Beverly Hills with her fabulous parents, Beyonce and Jay-Z this past Tuesday. The toddler donned an adorable ballerina bun that was “on pointe” (ballet pun). We also spotted darling ballet flats! Could Blue follow in the footsteps of ballet icon, Misty Copeland?

blue ivy bun and dad jay z

Love her facial expressions! She’s letting all of us know, the Roc dynasty is in the building!

blue ivy bun and jay z

Who else is debuting a new look around here?

Then this happened… #protectionstyle #braids ??

A photo posted by tiadmowry (@tiadmowry) on

None other than Tia Mowry-Hardict! The star uploaded a fresh faced photo to her instagram yesterday flaunting her protective style! This is the first time we’ve seen Tia with box braids and they look FAB!         Lala also decided to try on the braid look for a new movie role.

We’re totally here for her chic corn rows!

What do you think? Do you love their looks?

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14 Comments on "Blue Ivy’s Fab Ballerina Bun + Tia Mowry’s Boldly Beautiful Box Braids + Lala Anthony’s Chic Corn Rows"

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Amma Mama

Everyone looks good. Blu is too cute.


I love it! Everyone look so beautiful!!!!


Blue Ivy is adorable. Love Tia’s braids and fresh face. Cornrows bring back nostalgic memories. La La has had a steady stream of acting roles, good for her.

The One

As cute as Blue is, it bothers me that the only time she gets praised for her hair is when it’s in a “style”. It actually saddens me that her parents gave into those online bullies, and I miss her free-form fro. I hope when she gets older, she learns to love her unmanicured hair regardless of the naysayers.

Susie Dean

She will ! She’s (Blue Ivy) a cappy Capricorn baby.

Kim Cush

I agree. Either way she is very cute but I can’t believe Beyonce’ allowed the haters to move her. I loved Blue’s hair free flowing and natural. I’m shocked her Mom folded. Not like her at all.


I don’t think they gave in, when the story about her hair was the most talk about, they brought their daughter on national TV ( MTV awards) with her hair styled in Afro, they were just giving people the middle finger lol!

Also they have always changed Blue’s hair which is growing by the way and is more versatile now.
It’s just people now noticing her hair more.


But on the flip side. Blu may have asked for a pretty bun. When my nieces began to grow out of the baby stage, and into toddlers/children, they began to request hair styles like their favorite cartoon characters and doll babies. Just a thought.

The One
I’m not saying anything is wrong with the styles. She is very cute. It’s just that her free-form hair hasn’t been out since the dozens of articles came out about people making fun of it, and it seems like a direct response to that hoopla. I’m hoping she wasn’t made aware of the negative opinions that were floating around because it could be damaging for a child to find out so many people had a problem with her hair and then for her parents to start treating her hair differently as if to say everyone else was right that her… Read more »

…Just wait til B slaps a weave on her. No going back after that. She’ll soon start demanding to look ‘just like mummy’ .…brace yourself for a whole new set of reports and articles on that ‘breaking news’ story! lol.


I’m not enjoying the big please subscribe banner.
When I’m on my phone its hard to click around it because it takes up nearly the entire screen and I can’t see the ‘x’.


I love ALL of their looks! Tia looks beautiful without makeup by the way.


Why Blue Ivy?????????????


I really like Lala’s style vs the cornrows that go straight back

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