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5 Protective Styles for Short and Medium-Length Natural Hair — 2014 Edition

• Oct 30, 2014


Naturals with short to medium-length hair may find protective styling to be a challenge given their length.  (I’ve been there so I can definitely relate.)  Here on BGLH, we have showcased a number of style options for you ladies and here is our latest roundup for 2014!

1. Vintage Style Bun and Bang

For this look, Chiaka starts on previously stretched hair that can be achieved via threading, blow drying, or an old flat iron job.  This style is effortlessly beautiful and can be done on medium-length natural hair.

Description:  Donut bun with vintage-style bang.
Tools needed: comb (for parting), foam foundation hair roll, bobby pins, hair holder, hair donut

2. Pin Curled Twists

NaturallyNellzy shows you how to achieve this cute pin curl updo on a set of chunky twists.  This look is ideal for naturals with short hair who don’t quite know what to do with stubby, misbehaving twists.

Description:  Chunky twists pin curled.
Products used: oil or pomade
Tools needed: bobby pins

3. Jumbo Marley Hair Flat Twist with Chignon

In this tutorial, Coilybella demonstrates how to create beautiful flat twists going towards the crown into a chignon.  You can use your real hair and a faux bun, or flat twist with Marley braid hair (as she does) for added length and fullness.  The look is ideal for natural with short to medium-length fine hair.

Description:  Flat twists going towards the crown into the chignon.
Products used: Beija Flor’s Creme Brûlée
Tools needed: Marley braid hair, clips, bobby pins, comb (for parting)

4. Flat Twist, Bouffant and Donut Bun

For this demonstration, Chiaka creates another look with stretched hair and a donut bun.  She does two “goddess” flat twists in the front, a slight bouffant in the middle, and a donut bun in the very back.  Start from hair that has been previously stretched via threading, blow drying, etc.

Description:  Two flat twists into a slight bouffant and donut bun.
Products used: Eco Styler Gel, ORS Edge control, SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk
Tools needed: boar brush, hair donut, bobby pins, rattail comb (for parting)

5. Chunky Twists into Updo

In the following video, Christy demonstrates how to achieve a gorgeous, simple updo from a set of big twists.  For naturals with short to medium-length hair, this is another way to style stubby twists.

Description: Chunky twists pinned down the center into an updo.
Products used: water
Tools needed: bobby pins

For my naturals with short to medium-length hair, how are you protective styling?

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7 years ago

I am loving mini twists. Its summer here in Zambia and I really don’t feel like being bothered with my 7 inch hair for a while.

7 years ago

#4 & #5

7 years ago

Apologies Chichewa, I meant to like your comment. I am in the same boat as you!

7 years ago

Love this!

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