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5 Must-Try Natural Hair Color Trends For The Fall

• Oct 16, 2014

Theatrical Composer Imani Uzuri of

Perhaps you went light brown or blonde for the summer, and you are looking for a change this fall. Well, here are five hair color trends that are worth considering.

1. Red

If you want to go darker but still have a color that pops, why not go red? The color can vary from scarlet to brick, and it looks really amazing on skin with cool undertones. Red is a high-maintenance color in terms of upkeep but may be well worth it. (Check out this previous article on maintaining shine and vibrancy.)

red hair color

Photo sources: Pinterest, Tumblr, Alex Elle of TheGoodHairBlog, @Mz_k_versatile on Instagram.

2. Auburn

For a natural-looking alternative to red, go auburn instead. This reddish-brown color is the true definition of fall and the shades of deciduous trees during this season. It works really well on skin with warm undertones.

auburn hair color

Photo sources: Pinterest, Tumblr,

3. Deep brown

Switch your color to deep brown if you want to go even darker but not quite black. This color is very natural, versatile, and complements our complexions very well. The dyeing process is also less harsh than going auburn or red.

dark brown hair color

Photo sources: Damion Reid of, Pinterest, Tumblr.

4. Sombré

Sombré is a subtle take on the dramatic ombré technique. Rather than severe demarcations between two drastic colors, it is a softer look with more gradual fades and depth. Sombré will work well with any undertone and tends to look better with time.

sombre color trend

Photo sources: @Loccrush on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr.

5. Medley

Finally, there is what I call the “medley” (a mix of at least three colors), which can add dimension to your hair.  Not to be confused with sombré, which transitions in color from root to tip, the medley can vary from strand to strand almost haphazardly.  Additionally, the arrangement of color can be subtle or severe.

medley hair color

Photo sources: Pangea’s Garden, Pinterest, Tumblr.

Have you decided which color trend you will try this fall?

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19 Comments on "5 Must-Try Natural Hair Color Trends For The Fall"

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Amazing hair colors and stunning sistas!


I’d like to try one of these but i’m scared. Really amazing colors


I Love the looks above esp the sombre; my last hair colour was auburn. I actually wanna try navy next.


I think I like the tri-colors the best


The woman in the deep brown colors are so freaking gorgeous and have so much hair. BEAUTIFUL!!!


Oh wow. Those are some gorgeous women with amazing hair. I have color treated hair that I keep healthy by using Hi Pro Pac Moroccan Mend Argan Oil Deep Repair Masque


Any recommendations on dyes that aren’t too harsh?


I want a remedy for my hairliner please advice


I would love to get some color..the problem is finding a salon that not only knows how to do natural hair BUT also has a professional colorist..I live in the DC metro area and I most of the places specialize is twist, braids etc but don’t mention a colorist…or on the flip side there are salons that cater to Caucasian hair and have “colorist” but don’t do natural hair…

B3 Fearless
I completely understand. I’m in the Baltimore area and have been searching a while for a good colorist. I have been natural for 2.5 years and have never colored my hair with permanent dye so finding a good colorist has been very important to me. I just made an appointment with a colorist named Allan van Johnson. He works at the Robert Andrew Hair Salon in Gambrills, MD; it’s near Crofton. I was very impressed with his knowledge of natural hair and coloring hair. He has a background in doing locs, sisterlocks and coloring all types of hair. He specializes… Read more »

DO NOT LET THAT MAN DO YOUR HAIR! I live in the DMV area and let him color my hair last year, it was a complete disaster. If you want the full story please please please email me. I have pictures as well.


I want to do the sombre sooooo bad. just need a tutorial for natural hair.


I tried to go auburn and my color faded so fast to a brown (partly my fault.) Luckily it’s still on trend and suits me but I wanted something different as I already had this color but oh well! Loveeee the color on all of these ladies!


I’m totally in love with the loc’d ladies rockin’ auburn & brown colors! woo!


I might go auburn just for a change at least till my mohawk grows out of this awkward phase. Then I’ll bleach underneath blonde.


I love all of these looks!

Emily Caple

Love you guy’s hair i dyed my hair red before but it came out about a week ago lol but im thinking about waiting a little while to grow out some more and then ill dye it again I just dont now what color any suggestions


I had a red with my locs loved it. But now I want sombre.


I actually meant I want the medley.

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