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3 Moisturizing Deep Conditioner Recipes to Combat Dryness This Fall

• Oct 23, 2014

conditioner recipes

Is your regular conditioner not cutting it this fall? Do you need a boost of moisture to combat the cold, dry air? Here are three conditioner recipes that you can whip up right at home. Get your mixing bowls ready!

1. Coconut Conditioner

1/2 cup conditioner of your choice (e.g., Tresemme Naturals)
1 tbs extra virgin coconut oil
1 tbs avocado oil

Instructions: In a bowl or cup, stir the conditioner and oils together. and apply to hair. Apply to hair and allow to set for 20–30 minutes. Rinse and style as usual.

2. Cocoa Conditioner

1/4 cup pure cocoa butter (melted)
1 tbs safflower oil
1 tbs sweet almond oil
1/4 cup conditioner of your choice

Instructions: Melt the cocoa butter on the stove at low heat. In a bowl or cup, stir the melted cocoa butter, conditioner, and oils together. Apply to hair and allow to set for 20–30 minutes. Rinse and style as usual.

3. Avocado Jojoba Conditioner

1 overripe avocado
2 tbs aloe vera juice
3 tbs honey
3 tbs extra virgin olive oil
1 tbs jojoba oil

Instructions: Cut up the avocado, mash with a spoon, and then add the honey, aloe vera juice, and oils. Use a blender to thoroughly mix all the ingredients together (and until no avocado pieces remain). Apply to hair and allow to set for 20–30 minutes. Rinse and style as usual.

What conditioner do you use to combat fall dryness? (It can be mixed or store-bought.)

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Divachyk // Relaxed Thairapy

The first recipe sounds like a great pre-poo/dry DCner.

Adeola @ TheManeCaptain

i like avalon organics and giovanni smooth as silk conditioner

Charlotte Brown
Charlotte Brown
7 years ago

Good post. I am using coconut oil and its helps me alot to make my hair healthy and smooth along with prevent hair fall, I would definitely try your first recipe. Thanks, for professional haircare, checkout:

Immodest Goddess
Immodest Goddess
7 years ago

My hair is waist length. I use the GNC coconut oil alone, on my ends or as a deep conditioning treatment. It is amazing.

4 years ago

Do foodstuff like Avocado, Yoghurt, Banana etc spoil in conditioners? How long can you keep a DIY conditioner for?

Black Girl With Long Hair
Reply to  Eeman

They do spoil, so you can’t keep DIY conditioners for too long. I suggest making enough for one use at a time. You can refrigerator any leftovers you have (never keep at room temp!) but even then you can probably push it to just another few days max. If you’re really serious about keeping your concoctions long term you’d have to purchase a preservative and add it in.

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