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7 Gorgeous Natural Hair Accessories To Rock This Fall

• Sep 25, 2014

Ladies, let’s talk hair accessories! I’m all for embellishing natural hair with cute barrettes, scarves and headbands. Hair accessories add flair to any look and can bring otherwise “tired” styles to life. Check out my list of must have hair embellishments for natural hair.

Flower Power

I know we’re going into the fall season, but there’s nothing like a sweet flower in you hair to pep up your step on dark and gloomy days. Check out these stunning renditions of the always classy flower in hair look.

flowers in natural hair

Photo courtesy of Marta Bevacqua

Beautiful Bow

Bows are reminiscent of elementary school girl days, but even as a grown woman who’s done with school I still like them- A LOT! You can rock bows big or small to add an extra youthful, feminine touch to any outfit.

bow in natural hair

Photo courtesy of

Printed Turban

I thoroughly enjoy the look of an African inspired printed turban on long braids, a twist out or havanna twists. The look is so regal and never fails to draw the attention of many admirers.

Turbans for natural hair by kiyana wraps

Photo courtesy of

The Goddess Band

To be recognized as the goddess you are, you might be interested in a style such as this. Wear your hair in a smooth, low bun and add the finishing touch with this special headband. You’ll definitely win some compliments!

goddesss head band on natural hair

Forehead Band

This look is courtesy of the hippy era. I much prefer these super cute headbands to the hemp woven type. (Side note: her tapered twa is just giving me life!)

forehead floral headband on natural hair

Photo courtesy of Un’


forhead headband straightened natural hair

Photo courtesy of Omgitsvictoria on YouTube


Decorative Hair Combs

Hair combs are oldies, but goodies. They add a really special, classy look to any outfit. While you can spend a pretty penny on a very nice, crystal studded comb, you can find more affordable (albeit at much lower quality) at one of my favorite fast fashion stores, H&M.

decorative hair comb on natural hair

Picture courtesy of


Loc Jewelry

Depending on who you talk to, some will voice the opinion that loc jewelry is a little corny. I, however think it really just depends on how it’s done. Hey, just one little embellishment won’t hurt, plus it’ll give you the chance to know whether or not these little accessories are really your thing.

loc jewelry

Photo found on


Which of these hair embellishments do you plan on rocking this fall/winter?

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About Cassandre

Just another naturalista playing by my own rules! Got hair that doesn't seem to grow past your shoulders? Check out my free Grow Your Hair Faster Video Course

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6 years ago

I will probably be rocking the printed turban! 🙂

Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty

I love that first Goddess band

Amma Mama
6 years ago

I love the forehead band and loc jewels. So pretty.

6 years ago

All of them are gorgeous, but I’m going to try to wear the bow look at least once

6 years ago

I love this article! Such cute ideas. I actually whisper-screamed at the bow in pic 2.

Castor oil
6 years ago

That Leaf golden hair comb is cute.

youngin girl
youngin girl
6 years ago

These are all very pretty, unique accesories. I never knew there was more than just the flower and forehead band. I do realize the forehead band is popukar amongst girls at school-atleast when I was going to school. Only some were wearing it but it was like a hair band. I see how fun and dandy styling and accesorizing your hair can be. I love all of them but the goddess band gives flare, touch and individuality. It caught my attention and it stands out to me.

6 years ago

All of them, except the loc jewelry. I’ve already got my Fall pieces ready to mix and match and these will set them off, especially the Indian bridal crown.

6 years ago

I love hair accessories!

6 years ago

I like a lot of hair accessories, but I have to be very careful and picky about which ones I wear. I once wore a sparkly headband that got tangled up in some of my coils. I didn’t notice til end of the day. I had to cut a few strands on the top of my head before I could safely remove the band.  Bows: I do wear these sometimes, but not the clip-on barrette kind. Instead, I use a silk scarf as a headband and tie it into a nice big (or small) bow on the top or side of… Read more »

6 years ago

All of these are cute! I like to read comments and found it so funny that every woman had a different favorite, so far. It’s so hard to choose for me :)… But to keep the flow going, I’d wear the beautiful hair comb. It’s not an in your face kinda Beauty, but a practical and elegant one. It’s great for fall.

6 years ago

i totally needed this article!
x candace

6 years ago

Man I used to rock those decorative hair combs when I had my TWA. Feel like they’re the most versatile/all-occasion out of the list.

Adeola @ TheManeCaptain

Scarves are my go to accessories for the fall

Candy Jae
6 years ago

Ladies…you should check out our new shop — — we carry hair accessories for women of all ages! Our newest style are these “Natural” bobby pins!!!

Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith
5 years ago

There are wide options available. These seven are, no doubts, are the preferred one! Specially, flowers, they look elegant as Natural Hair Accessories. As, I have curls, bows goes just perfect with it!

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