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4 Stunning Ways to Rock Faux Locs

• Sep 12, 2014

by Cassandre of

Faux locs. Temporary locs. Loc extensions. By now, you’ve seen them all over Instagram on some of hottest natural hair personalities. My first introduction to this style was through Saleemah Cartwright founder of Hydratherma Naturals Hair Care who paved the way with a unique take on protective styling and versatility. Before long,the locs look-alike took on numerous techniques, with various materials and hair types including marley hair, yarn and bulk kanekelon braid hair.

The style can range from funky, glamorous, to straight up hottttt. If you’re planning on rocking faux locs this fall, here are a few style tutorials that will have people breaking their necks to check you out.

Sultry Sophisticate

Donedo Faux Loc Styles

The beautiful Donedo wows us with two updos for a stunning presentation. Check out her fishtail tutorial for a more in depth look at how to achieve these styles.

Werk It Honey

DYLNY Faux Locs Style

DXLYN shows us up to 7 ways to rock faux locs. I’m loving styles #3 and #7 on her  locs (created with yarn).

Simple Sue

ImShineStruck Faux Locs Simple Styles

ImShineStruck gives us quick and easy styles that are doable for even the most style challenged of us all. All her styles here are simple; some have added accessories that make the style look instantly fabulous without having to try too hard at all.

Faux Locs 101

cassandre beccai faux locs

If you’re looking for (yet another) tutorial on faux locs, check mine out for a nice, clear how to and tips on upkeep.

What are your top picks for faux loc hairstyles this fall?

Cassandre Beccai: Just another naturalista playing by my own rules!

About Cassandre

Just another naturalista playing by my own rules! Got hair that doesn't seem to grow past your shoulders? Check out my free Grow Your Hair Faster Video Course

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10 Comments on "4 Stunning Ways to Rock Faux Locs"

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Youngin girl

I am shine struck. I was wowed by Donedo’s locs. There’s so many things you can do with locs. It’s addicting.


I really, really wanna try faux locs, but the time, man. THE TIME! You’re doing your head over twice. Put the braids in, then wrap them. Will someone come and install them on my head overnite while I sleep please? lol


What I do is twist my hair first, wear it like that for a week, and then do a Friday Saturday Sunday install for the locs. No one can really tell the difference if you start with the front


Faux locs give me life! I wore them back in April for two months and when I took them out I was shocked to find that my hair grew two inches. I have them in now and plan to keep them till December to see how much inches I can grow. Bsl here I come!


I bought naturally dyed, wool yarn — feels amazing — from a local farm and am going with bold color.

YTer Shey “DIY Ombre Faux Locs” and a gorgeous pic of a woman with vivid blue locs and smokin’ cat eye make-up was enough to encourage me.


I thought wool yarn would lock with your hair? Be careful if that’s not your intention!


I really like donedo. She’s one of my favorite youtubers.

naturally Tee

Me too it seems she stopped making videos though 🙁

Jada Kaye

I love locs. I swear they are my new obsession!!


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