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5 Edgy Natural Hair Styles for a Night Out On the Town

• Aug 8, 2014


You and your ladies are headed out for the night or maybe you and your significant other have plans to hit the town. Whichever the case, you know you want to stand out from crowd with an edgy hairstyle. Well, here are some looks you can try at home!

1. Twisted Braidout Bang with French Braid

Jessica starts from blow dried hair to achieve this look.  However, you can start just as easily from threaded or banded tresses.  Check out the above video for step-by-step details.

2. Flat Twists with a Pompadour

If you want to get your “flat twist on”, then try this look that Barika is rocking. You will need a rattail comb for neat parting and hair clips for sectioning. It requires more work than the other styles in this list but is well worth it.

3. Faux Tapered Curly Frohawk

Here is something different.  To create this style, NaturallyNellzy used a combination of flat twists, bantu knots, and perm rods with a product(s) to set the curls.  You will also need bobby pins to complete the look.

4. Curly Sock Bun with Bangs

If you want a style that is a bit more tame but still hot, try this look by Alyssa. She starts from an old twist out, but you can start from an old braid out, bantu knot out, etc.

5. Braid Pompadour Updo

For this look, you do not need perfect cornrowing skills.  The style is much easier to achieve than it looks.  Kay Koil starts on freshly washed hair.

What style will you wear for your next night out on the town?

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7 years ago

All of these are really cute!

Lauren Beasley
7 years ago

I love the curly bun with bangs just for a regular day at work!! But I am going out tonight, so I just may have to try one of these styles 🙂

7 years ago


7 years ago

Love them all!!!

youngin girl
youngin girl
7 years ago

This hits the spot. These are all nice for a vacation trip too.

M Dandon
7 years ago

We have to remember that excessive styling can lead to dry or damaged hair. That’s why it is important to use shampoo with damaged control and minimize the use of heating tools.

It’s also helpful to use shampoo specifically made for your curly hair 🙂

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