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4 Ways to Rock Roller Sets and Bantu Knot Outs on Short Natural Hair

• Aug 29, 2014

by Portia of

When you’re just beginning your natural hair journey and you’re sporting a TWA, it can be discouraging to look at all of the veterans wearing their bodacious curls. Sometimes, these curls are achieved by roller setting and bantu knotting. Unbeknownst to you, these styles aren’t just for women with medium or long hair. Short haired naturals can rock these styles too. Roller sets and bantu knot outs are hard enough to master with long hair, but it can get borderline frustrating when trying to achieve these looks with short hair. It can take a few times before you finally get your curls the way you want them. Luckily, there are women with short natural hair who have mastered these looks.


MissKenK Roller Set Short Natural Hair

MissKenK has a short tapered TWA, but that doesn’t stop her from experimenting with her curls! In this tutorial, she demonstrates how she turned her natural hair into cute curls. MissKenK used a combination of Ouidad’s leave in conditioner, coconut oil, cantu shea butter, Eco Styler gel, and white, gray and orange perm rods to create her look. She also made sure to separate her curls and twirl them in the direction of the curl.



Even if you’re transitioning to natural and have short hair, you can still wear a roller set. As you can see, this young lady partially big chopped and is transitioning to natural. She has a tapered TWA and the stylist uses perm rods to set it.  She used smaller rods on her hair in the back and larger perm rods in the front of her hair where it’s longer. The result is beautiful and is proof that you can be very versatile when transitioning.

Breanna Rutter

Breanna Rutter Bantu Knot Out

YouTuber Breanna Rutter is known for creating a plethora of natural hair styles. She breaks everything down and leaves nothing to the imagination. Here, she can be seen demonstrating how she does a bantu knot out on her short natural 4C hair. Her hair has a lot of volume and texture. I noticed that smaller bantu knots are perfect for short natural hair.


LiquidGoldEyes Bantu Knot Out

This bantu knot out is very defined and simple. LiquidGoldEyes used flaxseed gel and a Pantene Pro‑V moisturizer on each section of her hair before doing her knots. She twists her hair in two strand twists before bantu knotting. This method creates a lot of definition and is great for type 4 hair. She also uses a brush to smooth down each section of her hair before she ties her knots.


Have you tried a roller set or bantu knot out on short hair? What other styles work great at this stage?

Portia is a wife and mother who enjoys making things and people look pretty! As a graduate of Rowan University, Portia has an insatiable craving for natural hair, beauty, and fashion, but she also enjoys traveling and home decor. If you’d like to know more about her, visit her blog at

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7 years ago

All these short styles are amazing!

7 years ago

Love these looks! Bantu knot outs are great no matter the length. My only dilemma is that during the summer (or humid seasons) they become so puffy and lose definition so quickly. It’s probably because I use a lot glycerin. The best bantu knot outs for me happen during the fall and winter when it isn’t as humid in my area . I sooo look forward those times because they would last for like two weeks!

7 years ago


Raye Denise
Raye Denise
7 years ago

I was enjoying doing roller sets on my 4c tapered hair but have recently stopped because my hair is dense with fine strands and this style requires very detangled hair which for me meant combing. A smooth rollerset only comes with thoroughly detangled hair. I have rolled the back only on finger detangled hair and it was not the same. I was developing too many splits and rough ends from combing to get smooth sets. I can’t Bantu and for the time being I’m liking twist outs because they don’t require any combing beforehand. Fine 4cs beware of regular roller… Read more »

7 years ago

Love these styles. I will try the bantu knot out.

5 years ago

none of these styles look cute. ew.

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