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4 Essential Oil Blends that Smell Heavenly and Moisturize Natural Hair

• Aug 23, 2014

by Cassandre of

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I remember the days when my mom would treat us to some fried plantain (bannan peze) and all kinds of good Haitian home cooking. Her food was always so good, no matter what it was, but there was always one problem. The scent of the cooked foods would always linger on our clothes and in our hair. Now that I’m the one cooking for my family, I find that cooked food scent seems to linger even more aggressively than it used to. While my husband says he’s never experienced any food‑y or musty smells from my hair, after frequent cooking and 2 weeks of unwashed tresses, my hair could use some help in the scent department.

If you’re like me and enjoy scented goods and would love to add some to your haircare arsenal, then look no further! I’ve got a few DIY natural hair fragrances that will knock your socks off (in a good way) and act as the perfect sealant or moisturizer for your hair!

Just a note: essential oils are pretty expensive, so I suggest not buying a whole bunch at once if you’re on a tight budget. If you’re not too much into DIY product making then skip getting all the smell-good absolutes and essential oils and invest your dime in vanilla essential oil. I personally don’t think anyone can go wrong with the calm and soothing scent of vanilla. I love it! You have to watch out though; you may lead a line of people behind you looking to catch of whiff.

Vanilla Lavender Oil

Flowery scents spell mature when it comes to fragrances, but you never want to overdo it or else you can end up with serious fragrance overload that can spawn a migraine headache. Here’s a simple floral mix with a lavender and vanilla.

10 drops of vanilla oil

15 drops lavender essential oil

2 ounces jojoba oil

Vanilla Mint Oil

The vanilla in this mix adds a warm balance to the poignant scent of peppermint. I personally prefer using this combo directly on my scalp (because it tingles) and then rinsing off with water as a simple refresher for my hair.

15 drops vanilla oil

10 drops peppermint essential oil

2 oz jojoba oil

Vanilla Orange Oil

If you feel rejuvenated and refreshed by the scent of fresh oranges than you’ll love this simple combo of vanilla and orange sweet essential oil.

10 drops Orange oil

10 drops vanilla oil

2 ounces jojoba oil


Rose + Jasmine Moisturizing Spray

If you much prefer a water spray type option check out this jasmine and rose water mix below.

4 oz rose water

10–20 drops jasmine oil

1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin

Shake well before each use and store in the refrigerator.

Note: I use scented oils as sealants. With the base being jojoba oil, it makes my hair extra shiny which is a huge plus.

What’s your favorite DIY hair perfume recipe?

Cassandre Beccai: Just another naturalista playing by my own rules!

About Cassandre

Just another naturalista playing by my own rules! Got hair that doesn't seem to grow past your shoulders? Check out my free Grow Your Hair Faster Video Course

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7 years ago

Will definitely try a couple of these — I like the sound of the Vanilla Mint Oil.

C in Colorado
C in Colorado
7 years ago

Nice recipes! I like to add a little Frankincense, Kush or Egyptian Musk fragrance oil to jojoba. Creates a nice mysterious fragrant cloud 🙂

I also detest cooked food smells in my hair. When hubby or I cook something especially strong-smelling [George Foreman grill, I’m looking your way!], I generally wrap my hair with a big scarf or two until the air clears. 

7 years ago

Article is right on time! I have been looking for some recommended essential oil blends for mixing my own hair spritz. 

I have also wanted to really try rose water, since I love a light whiff of rose now and again. I cannot wear most commercial body sprays or perfumes directly on my skin, but having great-smelling hair is the next best thing, I think!

7 years ago

how about a store bought product instead of DIY?

nappy headed black girl

I’ll have to try the vanilla orange combo. I’m not much of a vanilla fan but citrus scents are my absolute faves. I’m hoping the orange will overpower the vanilla haha

7 years ago

I have a question about the Vanilla-Mint mix. You stated that you apply it to your scalp then rinse with water…do you use this mix only as I scalp refresher before you start your wash routine? Thanks for the suggestions!! Look forward to your response.

Olivia Martin
7 years ago

Thanks for such a wonderful share. The ideas seem like those royal oil blends with all enriching natural aromas. I did try the vanilla lavender oil blend once, in my trip to Istanbul and it still evokes that awesome aroma, which lasted for almost a week in my head. Besides, I would even like to see how oils with extracts of thyme, cedar wood, rosemary and germanium can benefit hair.

7 years ago

I just ordered the vanilla oil on Amazon! I have the lavender oil from my last hair DIY mix. Can’t wait to try this!

7 years ago

You can make your own economical vanilla oil with vanilla beans & a carrier oil like almond or jojoba. You have to let the vanilla infuse into the oil for a few weeks (the longer it infuses, the more delicious the smell). It isn’t instantly gratifying but I love that I can make it as light or strong as I’d like & with whatever carrier oil I want.

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