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6 Chic and Effortless Summer Updos for Natural Hair

• Jul 13, 2014

Pure Estrogen

The great thing about summer updos is that they keep your hair off of your neck and in some cases, your forehead, too.  However, who wants to wear just any old bland updo, right? If you are looking for a chic and effortless summer alternative, then check out these styles for inspiration:

1. Zipper Braid and Bantu Knot Out

This style is the result of a bantu knot out on stretched hair, but you can start from wet hair is you wish.  Pure Estrogen essentially transforms her resulting curls into an updo via bobby pins and a cute zipper braid in the front.

2. Side-Swept Wrap Braid Updo

TheChicNatural creates this look from an old bantu knot out, but you can just as easily begin from a twist out or braid out. Through a deep side part, she then forms a french braid going towards the back while leaving her curls out in front.

3. French Braid Updo

Carmen starts from stretched hair to achieve this beautiful updo.  She french braids from the nape of the neck up to the crown and styles her loose hair in the front.  That’s it!  It is that simple.

4. Simple Retro Updo

For this look, you will need bobby pins, an elastic band, and a donut bun.  She’kia creates this cute, retro look from an old twist out and adds a flower for a nice touch.

5. Afro Bumps (on short hair)

Believe it or not, this look is achieved on short hair, so you ladies in the short or awkward “in-between” stage can make this work!  Aisha starts on slightly stretched hair and creates this style with the use of bobby pins.

6. Side Braids with Twist out Updo

If you can cornrow like a boss, then this style will be effortless for you.  (If you don’t know how to cornrow, then flat twists may be a good alternative.)  Lovelyanneka actually gives you two styles in one for this tutorial.  First she cornrows one side and twists the front to achieve the first updo. For the second look, she undos the twists in the front for a side swept twist out updo with a scarf.


What chic updo are you rocking this summer?

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youngin girl
youngin girl
7 years ago

Oh, These are just pretty and effortlessly chic-ish. I could melt just staring at these hair do’s. They are all on fire. They make a perfect match.

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