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5 Gorgeous and Creative Jumbo Braid Styles


As hair gets longer, one of the joys that comes with the territory is being able to get it into either one or two braids. This drastically shortens the time that you need for styling and is also perfect for giving your hair some rest if it has been out for too long. Single or double braids are also great should you be caught in summer rain and need to quickly make a style change.

1. The Jumbo Twist

Domineque who recently passed away always had an eye for style and this single giant flat twist was so beautifully done. I learned how to make a flat twist from this video! Do not worry if you do not have the same thickness or length. As long as you can swoop your hair to one side, you can do the style. Alternatively, part your hair down the middle or off-centre if you prefer and do two jumbo flat twists.

2. The Mermaid Braid – 6 strand cheat!

This cute style from Chime is really simple and quick. It is essentially just two medium sized own hair braids pinned together. If you do not have time to thoroughly detangle all of your hair, this is a great style as you only have to focus on the area you are braiding and then  bun and pin up the rest.

3. The Classic French Braid

If you do not know what an inverted braid is, then here it is, you may have been doing it for a long time but just didn’t refer to it by its name. Simply put, your braid ends up raised as opposed to tucked in (if you do not understand what I  am going on, see video 4 where the braid is tucked in!). The French braid is a classic and generally effortless style that only requires detangled hair for ease of braiding.

4. The Basket Weave

There are many pin updos that you can do once you learn how to do the basket weave. It can be achieved with pinning but also just as quickly with upside down braiding. Is it possible to braid upside down? Yes, just tip your head forward and try, it is much easier than it appears.

5. The Dutch Side braid

This is pretty much the braided version of the jumbo twist. Therefore if flat twisting is not that easy for your but braiding is, then this is a great option. Feel free to tuck your braid should you have shorter hair or if you do not want your hair rubbing against your clothes.

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8 years ago

Beautiful styles, fun for summer and quick and easy for any life occasion. I have this very same upside down braid ( the number 4 ) on my hair right now but on mini twists and minus the pompadour. To protect my ends further, I usually tuck the end underneath the braid and I can avoid the use of a bobby pin this way. It’s one of my favorite go to styles and it can be jazzed up in many different ways : pompadour, side part, central part, no part, with a flower to hide the tucked ends and so… Read more »

youngin girl
youngin girl
8 years ago

Effortlessly cute. You see how creative hair can be?

8 years ago

I’m so used to braids the updo twist looks very odd to me. I prefer the braided styles you posted

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