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10 Curly-Haired Naturals to Check Out on YouTube

• Jun 19, 2014


In April, I suggested “10 Kinky-Haired Naturals To Check Out on YouTube”. Now it is time for a Curly-Haired edition!  Here are some curly ladies you may want to add to your YouTube list:

1. NaturallyNeiicey


Let’s start with NaturallyNeiicey! In addition to her gorgeous natural hair, she has a natural, low-maintenance beauty, which is refreshing. Her channel features great hairstyle tutorials and “Get Ready With Me” looks.

2. AuCurls Naturelle


AuCurls Naturalle’s channel features amazing hair tips (e.g., heatless straightening) and information (e.g., length retention secrets, dry detangling with oil) as well as a few creative styling tutorials.

3. HeyfranHey


Many of you probably know about HeyfranHey, but if you haven’t checked her out, you are missing out. I love her channel for its overall natural living vibe. She offers numerous DIY tutorials (e.g., organic lip balm and lip scrub set), fitness videos, and healthy alternatives (e.g., oil cleansing for clear skin).

4. Glamtwinz334


This channel is not run by one natural, but two naturals who are sisters … and twins! That is probably what caught my attention first, in addition their channel being more of a beauty channel. The twins offer videos on makeup looks, hauls, and lookbooks in addition to hair product reviews and style tutorials.

5. ImShineStruck


If you recognize ImShineStruck, it is probably because I have posted a few of her awesome hairstyle tutorials here. Her channel offers so many more of these tutorials and a few product reviews.

6. Samirah Gilli


Though her video collection is still growing, I had to include Samirah for her various loose hairstyle tutorials. She shows you have to achieve different types of curls via a bantu knot out, flat twist and curl, and more.

7. Nik Scott


I was initially drawn to Nik Scott because of her super beautiful hairstyle tutorials. However, her channel offers so much more, including hair care tips, outfit lookbooks, DIY projects, and her new “Motivational Minute” videos.

8. KGLifeStyle


KGLifeStyle first caught my attention with her practical videos on budgeting and travel tips. Her channel also features many cute hairstyle tutorials, informational videos (e.g., her experience with organic skin care), and some fashion lookbooks/hauls.

9. LovelyAnneka


I love LovelyAnneka’s channel because of her creative hairstyle tutorials (which range from loose hair to protective) and beautiful makeup videos. She is definitely worth checking out, especially if you have shorter curly hair!

10. Iknowlee


For those with tighter, shorter curls, you may want to check out Iknowlee. She features tons of amazing hairstyle tutorials, a few DIY videos (e.g., organic clarifying shampoo), and some makeup looks.

Ladies, have you checked out any of these YouTubers? Do you know of any others?

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Iknowlee is not type 3, in an interview she has described herself as having type 4 hair. She looks like a similar type to me. She wears twist outs and braid outs a lot which may give her that type 3 appearance.

Bobby J

I agree with you! Iknowlee is great and I watch her videos but I would not describe her hair as CURLY!! She has to do twist outs to create her curls the other ladies posted here have more defined curls.…. no twist out needed!

UK natural

Initially the types stated at the top were 3a, 3b 3c. 4a was not there when I read the article.


Another fab post,Chinwe!


Hair typing madness! I love it!!


naturallyneeicy is my go to for cool hair tutorials that are very well sought out yet dont take too long. plus her accent is too cute


hmmm interesting

Love yourself

Can I add heygorjess, alyssaforever, kashtv (she’s more kinky curly)


Thanks, i knew about them but i forgot their names and you just reminded me. By the way, they’re amazing!


cool list.


Some of y’all focus waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much on number typing. Lol.
It’s not that serious, guys. Yeesh. I’m a type 4 and I knew what she meant.
Anywho, great post! Lovely ladies with lovely hair!
Would it be possible to see a ‘ten loc’d naturals’ post anywhere in the near future? :p

Truth Hurts

umm.…isnt the article about about CURLY HAIR, thats a HAIR TYPE!! Just like Kinky, & Coily!!


Nice article, thanks for posting!


AuCurls Naturelle is the vlogger whose video on prepping a wash & go for bedtime convinced me to slick my hands with oil before putting my hair to bed. One of the better things I’ve incorporated into my routine :-). Thanks, AuCurls Naturelle :-)!

Brianna Love

Love my glamtwinz and neicey! 🙂


I like (and subscribe to most of the) all the YouTubers in the article, but what about less popular ladies who are just as good? Seems like it’s the same people over and over again.


I agree! This is a great list, but there are so many other YouTubers out there. Most of the people on this list already have 100K+ subbies…I think they are pretty well known!


How do I know my hair’s type ‚if is type 2,3,4 ?


lookup hair typing chart or type in a search bar “what’s my hair type” and then compare with the pictures and possibly the description to see where your hair fits.

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