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6 Elegant Summer Updos for Medium to Long Locs

• May 24, 2014


This hairstyle post is for my loc’ed ladies out there. Enjoy!

1. Low Loc Bun

For this look, Prettipoison27 starts from crinkled locs that are the result of a braid-out. All you will need to achieve this style are a couple of ouchless bands.

2. Cascading Bangs

Jungle Barbie creates this elegant, sexy updo, which can be a go-to look for the summer. What will you need? A few ouchless bands or rubber bands.

3. Bang and Bun

Barbaydian261 is one of my favorite loc’ed YouTubers. In the above tutorial, she demonstrates how to create this edgy, elegant look. You will need pipe cleaners (for the front), mousse and a hair band.

4. Regal/African Princess

BronzeGoddess, another one of my favorite loc’ed YouTubers, creates this regal updo from a set of braided/plaited locs. You will need a few bobby pins and/or hair pins for this style.

5. Humped and Tied Down

For this updo, Qochemist uses only one rubber band. Her locs are tied section by section to achieve the final look. Check out the tutorial above for details.

6. Tied and Tucked Roll

I just had to include another loc tutorial from Qochemist because her styles are just so creative and simple. No hair pins needed for this look; you just tie and tuck.

Ladies, which of these updos is your favorite?

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8 years ago

Yeah I totally can’t wait to install my lord lol

8 years ago

Finally more loc’ed styles! Y’all have kinda been sleepin on us loc’ed girls. I actually used to read everyday but stopped when you guys gave us nothing for almost a year. Glad to see we’re being included again.

8 years ago

That tuck n pin style on locs is the bomb! So elegant looking. All of these are nice actually. I’ve always wanted to ask someone with locs how long does the crinkle pattern after a braid or twist out last with locs?

Youngin girl
Youngin girl
7 years ago

1, 2, 3, and 4 are my favorite. Locs can be diverse in styles like any other. Locs are the business and they should be included more, especially loc’d features. I can’t wait to see one again.

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