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7 Ways to Spice Up a TWA

• May 12, 2014


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Thanks to Lupita Nyong’o, we now know that a TWA doesn’t have to be boring. If have a TWA and you’re tired of the typical wash n go, mini fro and mini puff hairstyles, try these styles.

1. Fro Hawk
Do this on freshly washed hair or stretch you hair overnight in flat twists for a more defined look. Accessorize with a flower or other hair accessory of your choice.

2. Finger Coils
This hairstyle is a bit more time consuming but the effort is worth it. Finger coils can last up to a week, and to freshen the style in the morning, all you need to do is lightly spritz and fluff with your fingers.

3. Finger Coil Out
For a fuller look, separate the coils after a few days and wear it in as many varieties as you like. To freshen the style, simply spritz it in the morning.

4. Flat Twists
Depending on your hair length, you can flat twist a small portion of your hair for a fun look.

5. Flat Twist Outs
For a defined and stretched look, simply flat twist your hair and take it out after a significant length of time.

6. Mini Coils
If your hair isn’t long enough to try any of the styles above, you can define your coils by gentling rubbing a soft boar bristle brush on your hair in a circular motion. You can also create a side part or use a head band to play up this style.

7. Accessories

If you’re pressed for time but still want to change up your style, try a head band or scarf. 

How do you wear your TWA?

About Adeola @ The Mane Captain

A Toronto based natural hair blogger. Born & half raised in Nigeria, and now currently residing in Canada. To keep busy, I frequent my local library where I go to borrow non fiction books, particularly personal and spiritual development books. I also organize Toronto natural hair events, attend meetup groups and I'm working hard to be a polyglot.

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8 years ago

When my hair was short I could never do finger coiling. Don’t know why. But I did do the flat twist fro hawk.

8 years ago
Reply to  Deedeemaha

I couldn’t either, so flat twists/frohawks were my go-to as well. Whenever I tried finger coils with Long-Aid stying gel, my hair seemed to like the idea at first, but then the coils would fall down, and my fro would be a tacky, shrunken mess.

8 years ago

This is right on time for me, because I’m thinking about cutting my hair short (it is currently 7–9 inches), so I’m constantly looking for ways to wear it once it is shorter.

Scalp Solutions
8 years ago

This are amazing styling ideas. Very helpful for people who embrace their natural hair. I agree with Lupita NYong’o rockin’ those locks. Thanks for sharing! — Jason

8 years ago

I love this. Been looking for a site like this

8 years ago

Great post but you forgot mini twists. I did it after my big chop and it was lovely, it’s similar to mini coils. Great ideas though.

Mo ajayi
Mo ajayi
8 years ago

Why on earth do you attribute the versatility of TWA to lupita? She has been around for 10 minutes and naturals have been around for decades.…..not relevant at all.

Naturally Free
Naturally Free
7 years ago

Been trying to Fro Hawk and couldn’t get it right — you made it look so easy! I’m looking forward to trying again,but I want to get a feather or flower first 🙂

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