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7 Beautiful and Easy Natural Hair Styles for a Spring Wedding (Locs Included)


By Chinwe of Hair and Health

Whether you are the bride to be or a member of the bridal party, these beautiful hair styles can be worn on the big day… or to any formal Spring event!

1. Classic Textured Low Bun

You can almost never go wrong with the classic low bun for a Spring wedding.  Allow your texture to show while you’re at it too.  Who says you have to wear straight hair on the wedding day?  Watch the above tutorial for step-by-step styling instructions.

2. Textured 3-Strand Twist Updo

Here is another elegant look for a Spring wedding and it is actually easier to achieve than it looks.  The texture is achieved with a set of three-strand twists on stretched hair and defining products. She uses a butter and argan oil from Entwine, but that is not mandatory. Also, if you do not know how to three-strand twist, then tight two-strands twists may work out just fine. Grab some bobby pins, get to work, and voilà!

3. Easy-to-do Faux Bun

The textured bun in this tutorial can be done on short hair with the help of Marley braid hair.  It is also super simple to create so long as you have enough hair to pull into a ponytail (no matter how short). Check out the video for more details.

4. Fabulous Spring Curls

If you want to rock curls for a Spring wedding, then you may want to try this technique. You will need a curling wand, a setting spraygloss serum and blow-dried hair to begin.  Just a bit of warning if you want to rock this look: Make sure there is no rain or serious humidity in the forecast.

5. Twisted Side Bun on Locs

Once again, I don’t want to forget about my loc-ed ladies out there.  This style is very easy to achieve starting from a set of twisted locs on one side and flat-twisted locs on the other side.  Watch the tutorial to see what I mean.

6. Swirly Swoop and Bun on Locs

Now for those with shorter locs, this style — or a variation of it — may be doable.  All you will need are some bobby pins, rubber bands, an Ouchless band, and a hair net.  Create two side coils and a bun … and you’re done!

7. 2-in-1: Chunky Side Flat Twists and Twist Out


For this look, you will first create chunky flat twists that fall to one side and then place perm rods on the ends. Don’t forget to apply a styling product (e.g., moisturizing butter) beforehand to help with definition and hold. Wear the twists overnight and style the next day.

One option (style #1) is to pin up the flat twists for a super cute side updo.  Another option (style #2) is to wear the resulting twist out in a side-swept style.

Ladies, would you wear any of these styles?

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8 years ago

all of these styles are so cute!


[…] 7 Beautiful and Easy Natural Hair Styles for a Spring Wedding (Locs Included) […]

Youngin girl
Youngin girl
8 years ago

All these styles are wonderful. They are elegant for any event and there’s so many options to choose from. My heart could melt. 3 strand twists are good for stretching too!

8 years ago

I tried “2. Textured 3-Strand Twist Updo” and was very pleased. I now know that when you see a hairstyle on YouTube video it is unlikely that I will get the same results because of difference in skill level, length and texture of hair, etc. So to keep from getting discouraged I decided to do the best I could so that I can try a new hairstyle more often. For this hair style I plaited my hair instead of doing a three strand twist because plaiting stretches my hair and a three strand twist give great waves and curls but… Read more »

8 years ago

I love this natural wedding hair tutorial from the beautiful Willow B (she’s my favorite UK hair vlogger!) check it out guys

Ademola Eunice
Ademola Eunice
8 years ago

Please where do you really stay in Nigeria? I really love your stuffs and when I try them they make me look really nice.

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