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[Sponsored] Hit YouTube Series ‘Hello Cupid’ is Back! Season 2 Trailer Inside

• Mar 8, 2014


With the exception of commercials or small supporting roles, natural haired beauties are a rare sight on television. BLACK&SEXY TV (an independent online entertainment network) is changing this with an array of award-winning YouTube series featuring gorgeous, confident women who rock their curls proudly.

Their hit series HELLO CUPID, stars Ashley Blaine Featherson and Hayley Marie Norman, as two besties who switch online dating profiles to disastrous results. The two cute leading ladies were featured here on BGLH last year detailing their hair regimen and some juicy scoops on the show. Now the Season 2 premiere is here as the first Pay-Per-View event from BLACK&SEXY TV. The folks at BLACK&SEXY are a refreshing alternative to the ratchetness on TV. Your purchase supports their ventures as an independent TV network. Check out the trailers and stills from season 2 below, and join the BLACK&SEXY movement.

Watch season 1 here and purchase the season 2 premiere here.

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Never heard of it but why are they doing payper view when YouTube pays per view as well as for advertisements? I pay enough for cable and netflixs I just can’t see may self paying to watch a tv show I have never seen sorry

The entire first season is on Youtube (for free). This is their way of trying to raise money for their shows. They put a lot into their shows, from the actors, editing etc. and there is now way that the money from Youtube can fund all of that. I love all their shows, The couple, That guy and roomieloverfriends. You feel like you are watching an actual show and all the viewers are hooked! Like I stated the entire first season is free and the rest of the second season will be free also, they are just trying to raise… Read more »

That makes sense and I think you explained yourself very well in the first paragraph. However,the second paragraph mentioning race was a bit much. Everyone has the right to know what they’re paying for and why. We have the right to ask questions, even if it is $3.00 because that is our money. I wouldn’t mind paying that at all and I will definitely check out the first season but the whole race comment was overkill.

Natural Love

I just watched this series today. I love this show!


Loved the 1st season. The acting was for me very great to watch.

I will def see the next season.

Black and sexy Tv is something to support as they put quality in what they re doing.


*Spoiler Alert* It is a well-produced show, no doubt. I watched the first season, and have to ask myself (apart from watching two lovely actresses with natural hair), do I want to pay $3 to watch a show where two girls share a married man? Or eventually fight/strain their relationship over a man who isn’t really available? It’s like in a bookstore, I am free to browse whatever media catches my eye. It doesn’t mean that I have to buy it, if I don’t really like it. I don’t buy books just because the author is black. Why should I?… Read more »
Jojo Satoes

I love this show but missed this PPV event. Hurry back on you guys!

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