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4 More Gorgeous and Easy Ways to Wear a Bun on Natural Hair

• Jan 20, 2014


By Chinwe of Hair and Health

This is a continuation of the last styles post on 6 Gorgeous and Easy Ways to Wear a Bun on Natural Hair.  Here are four more spins on the classic bun, including a style involving twists:

1. High “Bun”- Like Do

Video here:

Even if you do not have enough length for a bun, you can pull off this “bun”-like do.  Start from a puff on stretched hair.  Then secure the loose hair with hair pins into a bun shape.  View the above tutorial for an illustration!

2. Elegant Side-Swept Bun

Now this side-swept bun may look complex, but it is actually fairly easy to do.  It essentially involves rolling or flat-twisting three sections from the front and three towards the back.  Then you form a bun from your hair that is left free.

3. Frizz-Free Donut Bun and Twists

For those who want a super chic spin on the classic bun, check out this tutorial.  Start with several medium twists throughout the front section of your hair.  Then, using a donut, bun the back of your hair.  Lastly, finish off by stylishly pinning the front twists.

4. Chunky Twists into Side Bun

Start from a set of chunky twists and a side part for this simple look. Proceed to flat twist one side and then the other.  Finally, gather your hair into a bun, and that’s it!  Check out the tutorial for details!

Ladies, would you wear any of these styles?

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8 years ago

I’ve been saving updo videos on a private playlist on YT. Some of these I already had; I just added the others. And I’m definitely going to try the first one later this week when my coily ‘fro starts “aging out.” Thanks for this post!

8 years ago

I’m wearing #1 right now!

When I stop being lazy and wash my hair again, I’m going to try #2, then #4 next.

8 years ago

He(double hockey sticks) yes!

nappy headed black girl

I’m always here for buns. I’d rock the high one like there’s no tomorrow.

TMC toronto meetup Jan 25th

yup, i’ve worn all those styles. #1 use to me one of my go to styles on days my hair just isn’t in the mood.

The College Barbie
8 years ago

YAY! I love this post. I just took my braids out after having them in from June 2013 — January 2014 and I realized by hair was fuller and a bit longer all around. Now I don’t know what to do with it! This was spot-on.

7 years ago

Omg!! It was BUG crawling on you!!! lol I would’ve ferekad out!But very cute hair. That looks like lots of fun!! I had to let my boyfriend see how huge your tent was lol

8 years ago

Gorgeous.I love them all.

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