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The BGLH Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide — 26 Gifts for the Natural in Your Life

• Dec 17, 2013

It’s Christmas time, and we here at BGLH thought it would be fun to give you some ideas for gifts, from the practical to the fun to the whimsical. Check out our full list here:

Rinny’s Wish List


…and this Christmas will be a very special Christmas for ME-EEEEEE

Here are some of my holiday picks that I think are some sweet finds for the holiday season. Especially for the natural girls in your life.

1. Laila Ali Soft Bonnet Dryer

laila ali softbonnetdryer

Anybody that knows me, knows I go through the works to dry my hair. See my failed attempt at using a bonnet blow-dryer attachment here. It can take my super thick hair over 24 hours to air dry and literally, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” I bought the Laila Ali Soft bonnet hair dryer a month ago out of sheer necessity, plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s my favorite color. I only use this baby on the cool setting to avoid direct heat, but boy does it make a difference. Hair dry in a couple of hours versus days means I don’t have to plan my wash days around my schedule. It’s not loud like most sit-under dryers and it’s great for traveling and storage since it’s sleek and compact. At under $40, it’s a MUST HAVE.

2. Hillman College Gear


I’m a huge fan of A Different World and since the only season available on DVD is Season 1, my least favorite season and coincidentally one of the more unpopular seasons of the series (see here), getting some legitimate Hillman college gear is the next best thing until I can camp outside of Best Buy in 2016 for Seasons 2–6 to be released. Okay, Chipmunk! (true ADW fans will get that one)

3. Daria Complete Series on DVD


I’ve asked for this for the past 2 holiday seasons. Hopefully somebody gets it for me this year! I really need something to watch that isn’t reality TV while I’m twisting my hair for 2 hours at a time. No shade to Leneithia ‘Nene’ Leakes, Kenya Moore and ‘nem. Loved watching Daria as a kid and would love to rewatch it to actually get some of the jokes that my 8‑year-old self didn’t quite understand at the time.

4. Moxi Ivy Jungle Roller Skates


Outside of playing dodgeball, roller skating has to be my favorite pastime. I would like to go to the rink and not have to rent shoes and look super cool like Beyonce in her “Blow” music video

(sidenote: the video was filmed in our Hometown skating rink at Funplex–you were the ish if you had your birthday party there or Discovery Zone as a kid)

5. Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System


We’ve talked about the effects of hard water on natural hair and how it can lead to breakage. I plan on going into 2014 a bit more mindful of my hair and monitoring for breakage regularly. The water is ridiculously hard in Southern California as some of my body washes don’t even lather as much as they would in Texas. I figure purchasing a filtering shower head would be a good move and also get me to stop washing my hair in the sink so much. My roommate probably thinks I’m super weird.

Check the hardness of your water here:

Christina’s Wish List

6. Curlformers

These unique, versatile curlers come in an array of lengths and widths, and although a little pricey, are well worth the investment. They can be used to stretch or create gorgeous spiral curls on hair of any texture.

7. Salon Size (32oz) Mango Dip Detangling Slip by Soultanicals

An instant favorite, any natural or transitioner could count herself among the lucky to have this amazing product in their arsenal. It detangles hair in the blink of an eye, and makes a great leave-in conditioner. I mean, who wouldn’t want a mega — stash of detangler to make their life easier?

8. Natural is Dope Off The Shoulder Sweatshirt

Not only is it my favorite color to wear (I’m the queen of grey), but the statement is simple, self-affirming, and applicable to any number of interpretations about what natural means. I need to get my hands on one, they’re always sold out!

9. tgin Moist Collection

The entire collection, the Sulfate Free Shampoo, Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner, Honey Miracle Mask, Twist and Define Cream, and Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer are all must-haves. But if you had to narrow it down, which is so hard to do, you need the shampoo and conditioner. Both of them far exceed my wildest dreams in terms of what a shampoo and conditioner are supposed to do. It is an amazingness you can’t understand until you try it yourself!

10. Q‑Redew

Steaming works wonders for the hair, and the Q‑Redew is a highly sought after alternative to the traditional steamers. It’s portable, easy to use, and great at what it does. Any transitioner or natural would be over the moon with a Q‑Redew!

11. DevaCurl Diffuser

Although pricey, this diffuser is fascinating because it looks nothing like any other diffuser attachment out. Whether it works any better is unknown. But it looks fancy, and I’m sure I’d have fun using it!

JC of the Natural Haven’s Wish List

12. Jar of coconut oil

coconut oil

This is pretty predictable coming from The Natural Haven but it is a product that I will always shamelessly promote especially for a preshampoo treatment on dry hair. My hair generally does not care for products but coconut oil is one that makes a true difference.

13. Satin lined winter hat

Winter is here and although there are many stylish hats in most shops, there are precious few which are actually silk or satin lined. This one is handmade and sizeable to the volume of your hair, something that only a natural would think about!

14. Sea urchin hair pins

I like unusual items that you would not see everyone wearing and these hair pins fit the mark perfectly. Many of us have picked up shells from the beach but not many of us actually turn them into something pretty. Pretty hair pins will rescue you from hair disasters.

15. Clutch bag

If your hair, like mine, is not the type that you just allow rain to fall on, then a little clutch bag will come in handy. It is a place to store a few hair ties, bands and pins in the event that you need to quickly change your braid out to a bun. When you change your bag, simply move the clutch too!

16. Statement necklace

I do not know a single natural who has never had a hair meltdown when every single strand has a mind of its own. A bun, hair flower and earrings are the usual remedy but I also love a unique necklace that will focus attention elsewhere. I am hoping Santa brings me this one 🙂

Chinwe’s Wish List

17. aBeautifulMind Painting

These beautiful paintings are handmade by an Etsy shop called aBeautifulMind.  The pieces highlight the African American woman and natural hair.  On some of the pieces are also painted inspirational words like “BELIEVE” and “DO MORE THAN EXIST”.  Any of the paintings would make a great gift for a lover of artwork or inspiration.


18. Oyin Handmade Snack Bar


This Snack Bar sampler will make a great gift for a newbie natural or a natural who is new to Oyin.  It comes with eight products – 2‑ounce bottles of Honey Hemp Conditioner, Greg Juice leave-in spray, Hair Dew Creamy leave-in, and Honey Wash Head-to-Toe Cleanser, as well as 1‑ounce mini jars of Shine & Define coaxing serum, Burnt Sugar pomade, Whipped Pudding Dense Cream, and boing! all-in-one coil styler – for $29.99.  Oyin also has other sample packs for cheaper prices.

19. Urbanknit’s Adire Gadget Sleeve

This beautiful “African-inspired piece is made in a fabric from Nigeria known as ‘Adire’ which is a handmade and hand-dyed fabric.” The handmakers are another Etsy shop called Urbanknit.  This piece would make a great gift to store an iPad or other gadgets stylishly.


20. Ficcare Maximas Clips

Ficcare Maximas clips are really sturdy (and, of course, beautiful).  They work well at holding styles on thick hair, and I’m speaking from personal experience as someone who owns about seven.  These hair accessories would also make a great gift for a natural who finds other clips a bit too fragile for her hair.

21. Bouffant Ebonnet

This oversized bonnet by Ebonicurls is great for big natural hair.  Unlike your typical bonnet, this one will not mess up a twist-out or other big style you wear to bed.  It is also double-lined satin charmeuse, so it locks in moisture better than other bonnets.

Geneice’s Wish List

22. Modern Festive Sweaters

greysweater  leopardbeadsweaterimage04 

Nothing screams the holidays like bright red sweaters covered in candy canes, Christmas trees and gingerbread men. While certainly festive, these sweaters aren’t usually the most subtle form of holiday fashion. Let me let you in on a little secret: Holiday sweaters don’t need to be red, green or covered with images of the season. A simple understated icy blue sweater, a winter white cardigan or even a midnight blue or black sweater with tastefully placed sequence, can add a sparkle to your winter apparel without making your unfashionably loud. You might also consider adding a festive brooch just below you collar bone to add a pop to your outfit, while still maintaining a subtle, yet stylish ensemble.

23. Bedazzled Accessories

earring betseyjearrings

One of the things with the colder months is that your inner fashionista isn’t readily visible until you remove your outerwear. You can show off your fashion skills, even while bundled up, through your accessories. I like jeweled earrings that allow for a transition from casual daytime looks to evening glam.

Here are two of my favorite pieces.


24. Hair Jewelry


My absolute favorite hair accessory of all time is the Flexi 8. The design accommodates thick natural hair, while allowing you to minimize stress to your strands. They are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes that give you great flexibility. The best part of these hair pieces: They are nearly indestructible. I own several and have been able to keep them for years without any damage. They make a great gift for others…or for yourself!


25. Practical Winter Gear


These earmuffs by SubZero (like version here) with built in headphones and mouthpiece are a must have for the jogger or urbanite, who spends a good deal of time walking outside. Regular earmuffs can be uncomfortable to use with headphones and require removal if answering a cell phone. These earmuffs address those issues while keeping your ears nice and toasty.


26. Outerwear that Flatters


On those super cold days in the Midwest or northeast a big bulky winter coat is simply a necessity. This doesn’t mean that you can never wear a stylish, fitted coat during the winter. Have at least one form fitted winter coat that accentuates your femininity, something bubble jackets seldom do. Try adding a wide leather belt to a wool A‑line pea coat or rock a leather motorcycle jacket (hint: get a color other than black). I’ve sometimes worn a fitted fleece underneath the jacket to add extra warm and have found that I was able to remain comfortable in weather in the 30s or above. While you’re at it add a scarf with a bit of sparkle to draw attention to your lovely face.

There it is! Ladies, which of these gift ideas is your fave? What would you add to the list?

About Rinny

Texan by birth, Los Angeleno by situation. Lover of Tame Impala and Shoegaze music. Comedian by trade. Macaroni and Cheese connoisseur by appetite.

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Carla Helené
8 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you for including my satin lined beanies in your gift guide! Wow — what a wonderful surprise! You really made my day!

Happy holidays!! MUAH!!!
Carla Helené

8 years ago

Where can you purchase the Flexi 8 barrettes? They are pretty and I’d like to get some. Please help.

8 years ago
Reply to  loverlyone
8 years ago

Thank you Jo, I will check it out.

the mane captain
8 years ago

some of those gadgets looks scary 🙁
oyin & tgin’s moist collection are definitely on my list.

Olivia Reese
8 years ago

Snack Bar Sample by OYINHANDMADE and Q‑Redew steamer anything I will I will be happy, happy, happy

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